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Martie Preller or Mary Meddlemore is one of the best South African authors. She won many awards and was published by well known houses. Our next guest wrote 38 books. We will speak about some of them in the following interview.

Martie Preller

– Martie, Interconnected was released few days ago. Share some details about the book?
Interconnected has two parts.
Part 1:
Christina is a postgraduate literary student in the United Kingdom. A freelance photographer contacts her and promises fame and fortune if she does a modelling shoot at newly discovered ancient ruins in Africa. She has no modelling experience whatsoever, but Bjorni assures her that a fresh new face is just what they are looking for. She suspects that it is some kind of hoax, but agrees, because, if it is genuine, it may indeed be the opportunity of a lifetime.
They land at Cape Town airport and she discovers to her horror that she can see people who do not exist!
Who are the man and the woman on the roof that nobody else could see?
Christina meets two different Nathans … and has to cope with very mysterious happenings.
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Elizabeth Hall hit the top of Kindle Amazon bestselling ranks for the first 20 days of January. The official release of her novel Miramont’s Ghost is set for February 1. The American dark mystery writer already won several hundred fans before the book’s debut. We’ve got a chance to speak with Elizabeth Hall with kind assistance of Dennelle Catlett from Lake Union.

– Elizabeth, Tell us about your new book, Miramont’s Ghost. What is it about?
Miramont’s Ghost is the story of Adrienne, clairvoyant since she could talk. As her abilities begin to reveal the secrets about her own aristocratic French family, Adrienne is pitted against her Aunt Marie, who will stop at nothing to protect the family.
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Catherine Ryan Hyde’s last novel Take Me With You became another bestseller. The book received huge appreciation from the readers (4.6 av. stars from almost 3000 Amazon reviews).
Catherine Ryan Hyde was born in a family of writers. The start of her career wasn’t so bright. She received more than 120 rejections from publishers. The American author made her break with Pay It Forward novel, which became international bestseller and was adapted to a film by Warner Bros.
Let’s welcome our next special guest Lady Catherine Ryan Hyde.

– Lady Hyde, what is the main message to readers in your last book Take Me With You?
– I think, as with most of my books, the core message is that we can help each other, we can be less afraid of each other, and we can help to heal our losses and traumas through genuine human connection. In the end I think it’s really only our relationships with each other that can make us happy and fulfilled.
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Rain Oxford specializes in fantasy genre. Her last release Guardian’s Grimoire marked the first part of The Guardian series. Few days ago the second book The Dragon’s Eyes premiered. We will look deep into the novels and other writings of our next guest. She is working as a teacher and has direct impressions of the current young generation’s interest of books.

– Rain, share some insight about The Guardian’s Grimoire?
The Guardian’s Grimoire is the first in a fantasy series. When the main character, Dylan, finds a mysterious book, he is thrust into an unfamiliar world, where he must practice magic and battle supernatural forces that threaten Earth. Most of the book takes place on another planet.
Besides Dylan, you will meet Divina, beautiful and secretive; Kiro, an ancient Guardian who is as powerful in magic as he is devoted to his duties; Mordon, a mysterious young man with a superior mastery of fire; and many others.
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Claire Contreras’s next big hit Kaleidoscope Hearts entered into the premium charts of Amazon rankings. The novel was part of the Top 10 classification for the last few days. Something more, the readers gave superb valuation of the story with av. 4.7 stars from 160+ Amazon reviews.
Claire Contreras is living in Miami, Florida with her family. She is already established as one of the best writers in mystery romance genre.


– Claire, your last release Kaleidoscope Hearts entered in Amazon Top 10 with thunders. What the readers may expect from the book?
– They can expect a heartwarming love story.
– How did you decide to write the story?
– I’ve had this story in my head for a long time now. I wanted to write a story about a girl in love with her brother’s best friend. Once I started, it became more than that.
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Our next guest Helen Alexander made my day with her answers. She was pleasant enough to dig deeply on them and to present not only her books, but to draw a personal portrait with words. Speaking of drawing, she is working as 3D computer games designer, who already published few books. Helen is coming from Russia and still keeps great respect from the authors of her native land. Last year she published her last novel Lovers In The Woods so we will put some more attention on the sci-fi adventure.


– Helen, What is your last book Lovers In The Woods about?
Lovers in the Woods takes place in a future city called Metro and is about an ordinary guy named Leon. Leon leads a quiet, uneventful life working as a programmer for a company called Nokida, but then he starts having strange dreams of a young girl named Nina. She always appears to him trapped in some terrible place, a dirty old hospital or an asylum, and keeps asking him to save her from things she calls the Shadows. After a while, Leon thinks he’s losing it, but he doesn’t give up and eventually gathers enough clues to lead him to Nina. It gets him into a lot of trouble – he’s fired from his job, the police get on his tail, and then two thugs, Mike and EZ, start chasing him down as bounty because of his hacking skills. The title of the book comes from an old cartoon, a humorous, erotic take on the Hansel and Gretel fairytale – Leon and Nina being the Hansel and Gretel, lost in the virtual woods.
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The seventh chapter of MP-5 CIA SeriesA Containable Incident was released year ago. M.H. Sargent produced another nice book with his personal thriller signature. The best prove is the positive feedback by the readers.
In the times of remembering Iraqi war our guest gave very interesting angle in his most popular book Seven Days From Sunday. Let’ hear from M.H. more in the following interview.

Sargent 005-1
. What is the seventh book of MP-5 CIA SeriesA Containable Incident about?
– Is is about Iranian hackers getting into various American banks and draining accounts.
– How did you decide to write the story?
– My brother and I were out to dinner with a group of people and someone asked my brother his opinion about the U.S. debt and deficit problems (he is a securities broker), and he said, “We’ll be fine until we wake up one morning and find out that China has drained all our bank accounts.” Everyone at the table laughed and the conversation went to different things, but I just kept thinking about his comment. So we talked the next day and he said electronic sabotage is the one thing that keeps securities people awake at night — it’s like a freight train that we don’t see it coming and it wipes us out. He suggested I find some experts in bank fraud and I did, truthfully a guy that could hack into a bank and get away with it. Luckily, he’s a good guy, working in the Silicon Valley in California.
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The biggest hit in the book stores and in the cinemas American Sniper could never been born if one part of the team behind the memoir, Scott McEwen, had not been on board. The well known author of The SEAL team books is ready to release another heroic story. The Sniper and the Wolf is set for premiere in May.
The interview with Scott McEwen was done during the days when the movie is hunting down $200 mil. box office and the book is on the first place on Amazon bestseller list. Check out my article about adaptation. During our chat the writer unveiled how the book was planed and how he felt when learn the news about Chris Kyle’s death.
– Mr. McEwen, your next release The Sniper and the Wolf is coming up in May. Would you share what to expect from the next chapter of A Sniper Elite Novel?
– The next book teams Gil Shannon up with some international operators in Europe to battle some very bad terrorist elements there. The first engagement with the bad guys takes place in Paris-figure that!
– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– The biggest challenge is to remain true to the characters and the tactics they use. The SEAL Teams live by a code and it is important to remain within that code at all times.
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Trista Borgwardt’s The Tempie Rosenthal Series are fresh wind in the supernatural genre. She already published two parts of her cool story Rabbit’s Feet and Polarity. Our next guest is writing poetry and short stories. Let’s welcome lady Trista Borgwardt.


– Trista, would you introduce your book Rabbit’s feet?
– It is the first book in my supernatural/horror series. It is about a normal high school girl who is living the dream in Hawaii. Her life takes a devastating turn for the worst when her mother is killed. She begins to feel paranoid and flees to South Dakota in hopes that the unseen evil that is stalking her does not follow. Once there, she finds herself on a roller coaster of emotions. She develops an infatuation with a handsome man, feels the guilt of that infatuation as she yearns for her long-time boyfriend. She develops new friendships and experiences the sting of betrayal. Her biggest challenge is when she is finally confronted by the evil monster stalking her. Her whole world is twisted upside down as she discovers that supernatural beings do exist.
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Do you remember your college life? To get back some of the funniest moments the young American author and yogi Ian Thomas Malone published in August his book Five College Dialogues. Our next guest’s work was well appreciated by the readers, who gave him an average 4.9 stars from 15 Amazon reviews.


– Ian, what is your book Five College Dialogues about?
Five College Dialogues is a comedic philosophical commentary on college life told through Socratic Dialogue. Each dialogue features George Tecce (known throughout the Dialogues as The Chief), a graduate student working as a teaching assistant, as he talks with students and professors about the trials and tribulations that many students face.
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