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Land of Books started last year as a personal blog. The initial idea was to have a modest web space with basic info about my book The White Prisoner: Galabin Boevski‘s secret story, and myself as an author, something that is a must for every writer.

200 club

I prepared those informational pages such as my bio, book’s blurb plus some additional links, and another one for the documentary movie about Bulgarian heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev.

Based on experience, I knew that a static blog would be lost somewhere among google search engine. So I decide to start preparing posts, but figured out that my English level skills are not enough to tell the things the way I want to.

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Angela Marsons is a pure example how persistence sooner or later brings out the results. She had some tough times sending her novel Silent Scream to different publishers before finally teamed up with Bookouture. The great story found many fans and entered in prestigious Amazon Top 10 ranks. Currently the novel has average 4.5 Amazon stars from 259 reviews after being published in February.
We are happy to welcome at Land of Books our next guest lady Angela Marsons.


– Angela, What is your latest release Silent Scream about?
Silent Scream follows Detective Inspector Kim Stone as she tries to solve a string of murders in the present while uncovering dark secrets from the past.
– How did you decide to write the story?
– The story focuses on the staff and former occupants of an old Children’s home. When I was in my teens I would pass a Children’s home on the bus and found myself curious about the children who lived there. The character of Kim Stone has been rattling around in my head for years.
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Nicole Mones published last year her latest book Night in Shanghai. The novel is very interesting adventure that is taking place in the Asian city. Our next guest is a cultural ambassador of China. Her non-fiction articles appeared in the New York Times Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post. Are you ready for the next cool interview with another inspiring author?


– Nicole, your last book Night in Shanghai was accepted very well by the readers. How did you decide to write the story?
– The last hundred years of Chinese history have always enthralled me, maybe because as someone who started doing business in China at the close of the Cultural Revolution, I’ve been able to observe China’s present stage of modernization pretty much from the start. I feel that the struggle to modernize–personally, socially, economically, in terms of governance–has been the story not just of the current era, but of the whole last century in China. Shanghai has always been at the forefront of this modernization, and I wanted an original and different story that would bring it to life. When I stumbled on accounts of American jazz musicians who had been recruited to Shanghai during the 1930s, I knew I had found it.
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Philip Yancey is the author who dares to challenge the church with his books. His open words ask many questions that are still unanswered about the human nature. With 20 books behind our next feature guest published the latest one in September 2014 Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to the Good News. In one of the most interesting Land of Books’s interviews ever in Philip Yancey welcomes us to his personal world of writing.

Philip Yancey

Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to the Good News was published four years after your previous book. What is the different in it compared to your previous books?
– Every book is different. Most of my books come out of my own questions and struggles, over issues such as “Does prayer matter?” or “Why does God allow so much suffering?” Vanishing Grace came out of my concern that in much of the world Christians are getting a bad reputation, as elitist, or as “holier than thou” as we say in English. I wrote a kind of “sermon to the church,” a reminder that we have very good news to offer a world in need.
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10 days ago Jamie Beck published her second book Worth the Wait. The Romance climbed very strongly into Kindle Amazon Top 100 ranks. It’s a great launch for American author, who shined with her first novel In the Cards. Let’s welcome Jamie in our next Land of Books interview.


– What is your last book Worth the Wait about?

– At its heart, Worth the Wait is a friends-to-lovers story with a strong theme centered on the important role forgiveness plays in all relationships (family, friendships, lovers, and our relationship with ourselves). I firmly believe that resentment hurts the person holding onto it more than it hurts the object of the grudge. By letting go and offering forgiveness, the hurt person frees himself to move forward and be happy. I hope that is the takeaway from this story.
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Did you ever heard about Michael Finkel? The infamous journalist, who was fired in 2002 from his freelancer position at The Times Magazine and New York Times. The reason of the release was faking a story, named “Is Youssouf Malé a Slave?”, about the pain and problems of African plantation worker.


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Wayne Stinnett developed very well his Jesse McDermitt series. Six weeks ago, Fallen King, Book 5 of the adventures around Caribbean, was released. Once again the story finds a lot of fans and currently has great feedback from readers with average 4.8 Amazon stars from 70 reviews. We’ve got a great pleasure to host the next interview with Mr. Stinnett, who went very deep into the origins of his amazing character Jesse McDermitt.


– What the readers will find in Book 5 of Jesse McDermitt Series Fallen King?
– Thanks, for inviting me to be interviewed, Ognian. Fallen King is actually the sixth book in the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series, but the fifth novel. The first book, Fallen Out is more of a long novella. In Fallen King, Jesse is doing his best to live a simple life on his secluded island in the Florida Keys, reunited with his teen daughter, who he hasn’t seen since she was a baby. He fishes, dives for lobster and grows fruits and vegetables. But an adversary from his past wants to find him again. Locating one man among the 1700 islands that comprise the Florida Keys proves difficult. So the bad guys attempt to lure him into the open, by doing the one thing that will certainly get his attention. Using explosives on the fragile coral reefs that dot the back country of Florida Bay. Readers familiar with the Florida Keys will immediately recognize the tranquil setting, miles of crystal clear water, and the easy-going, laid back attitude of island life. Those unfamiliar, will be checking airline prices to Key West. But, fly into Miami and rent a car, the drive through the 113 mile chain of islands and 42 bridges, is very relaxing. The Keys don’t end in Key West, though. That’s just where the road ends, in the 170 mile long archipelago. You’re gonna need to rent a boat to see it all. A boat or helicopter is the only way to get to Jesse’s remote island in the Content Keys. That’s content, as in relaxed and satisfied.
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Roy Dimond’s next book Silence and Circumstances was published on March 23. The novel is featuring the famous crime writer Agatha Christie and her disappearing. It’s a pleasure once again to welcome our friend Roy Dimond. If you didn’t read his previous interview with him, you may correct right away the omission. But first check it out what he has to say for the fresh release.

Roy at Machu Piccu

– Roy, what will the readers find inside, Silence and Circumstances?
– First please allow me to say thank you again for interviewing me. It is great to talk with you again. Silence and Circumstance is the fictional account of the real life event in 1926 when Agatha Christie went missing. For 11 days all of England searched for the most famous mystery writer in the world. Sixteen thousand police searched, while planes scoured the countryside, and barges dredged canals, in fear of finding her lifeless body. It was quite likely the most famous story of the decade and virtually every person in England was asked to scour their backyards. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dorothy Sayers also joined in the search. Rumours spread that Mrs. Christie had run away from a bad marriage, had a nervous breakdown, was kidnapped or worse, and even that her disappearance was a publicity stunt.
I have chosen to write a fictional account from the perspective of her governess, Charlotte Fisher, describing what may have happened. Clues guide the characters on a journey that includes the Orient Express, Istanbul, and the Blue Train while many of the rich and famous of the English elite join in trying to answer one question. Where is Agatha Christie?
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Carol Ervin is a dream-come-true self-publishing author. Her novel The Girl on the Mountain found its place at Kindle Amazon Top 20 ranks. The story was very well received by the readers with average 4.6 Amazon stars. Two more books from Mountain Women series followed. We’ve got a great chance to borrow some time from our next guest.


– Carol, what was your feeling when you saw The Girl on the Mountain in the top 20 of Kindle Amazon bestselling list?
– My author friends emailed about the bestseller list before I saw it, so my first feeling was gratitude that they cared enough to be following. When I saw the numbers, I didn’t scream or leap for joy, but for several hours my husband and I had fun watching the numbers, and I kept busy returning emails and commenting with friends in a Facebook thread. On the surface, I felt calm, but I slept only a few hours that night and the next.
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Giovanni Valentino’s Vampires Suck is an interesting mix with many different short stories. It’s the second part of Alternate Hilarities series. Currently the anthology is standing with solid 4.6 Amazon stars from 9 reviews. We’ve got a chance to speak with the author via Making Connection Blog tour.


– Giovanni, What is Vampires Suck about?
Vampires Suck is a collection of humorous short stories that explore the different aspects of the vampire genre. Vampires aren’t the same as they were when I was a kid. We just had Dracula. Now they come in 32 different flavors.
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