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Roy Dimond’s next book Silence and Circumstances was published on March 23. The novel is featuring the famous crime writer Agatha Christie and her disappearing. It’s a pleasure once again to welcome our friend Roy Dimond. If you didn’t read his previous interview with him, you may correct right away the omission. But first check it out what he has to say for the fresh release.

Roy at Machu Piccu

– Roy, what will the readers find inside, Silence and Circumstances?
– First please allow me to say thank you again for interviewing me. It is great to talk with you again. Silence and Circumstance is the fictional account of the real life event in 1926 when Agatha Christie went missing. For 11 days all of England searched for the most famous mystery writer in the world. Sixteen thousand police searched, while planes scoured the countryside, and barges dredged canals, in fear of finding her lifeless body. It was quite likely the most famous story of the decade and virtually every person in England was asked to scour their backyards. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dorothy Sayers also joined in the search. Rumours spread that Mrs. Christie had run away from a bad marriage, had a nervous breakdown, was kidnapped or worse, and even that her disappearance was a publicity stunt.
I have chosen to write a fictional account from the perspective of her governess, Charlotte Fisher, describing what may have happened. Clues guide the characters on a journey that includes the Orient Express, Istanbul, and the Blue Train while many of the rich and famous of the English elite join in trying to answer one question. Where is Agatha Christie?
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