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It’s time to end the year with our very last interview for 2014. Our guest of honor will be the one and only Liane Moriarty. The New York Times Best-selling Author published a total of 6 adult and 3 children novels. Her last one Big Little Lies is currently on the second spot of the most wanted Amazon books on the planet. For five months since the publishing date the novel gathered 4200 reviews with average rating of 4,6.
The success of the book grabbed the attention of Hollywood. Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon will be the stars of the TV series, based on the novel.
Thanks a lot to Lady Liane for the time she shared around holidays. I wish her best of health to her and her family. Happy welcoming of the New Year to all of you who enjoyed the blog. Don’t forget to check out our first post for 2015: Top 10 of Amazon bestselling books for December 2014.


– Lady Liane, your last book Big Little Lies became a big hit. How would you describe the novel to all readers who still didn’t take a look on it?
– It’s a story about three mothers of children starting school and a series of events that lead up to a murder at a school trivia night.
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Mike Crowl’s latest release The Mumbersons and The Blood Secret was published in November. It was his third book. The story was written for kids, but as one of the reviewers in Amazon mentioned the parents will enjoy it as well. Let’s welcome our next guest.

– Mike, what is your book The Mumbersons and The Blood Secret about?
– It’s a book for children between 6 and 12. It begins when a barber cuts Billy Mumberson’s ear instead of his hair, and then takes some of his blood. 11-year-old Billy soon discovers this was no accident. His blood holds a dark secret, and he has enemies who want to make use of it for their own greedy ends. With his impulsive friend, Olivia, Billy sets out to discover the extent of his enemies’ plan. But Billy and Olivia soon find themselves ˗ and Billy’s family ˗ in more danger than ever.
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Vincent Lowry wrote three books. All of them are in different genres. We’ve got a chance to speak with him for his entire literature career.
Vince is also a moderator in one of the biggest Goodreads groups. He has a great insight view into the most popular community for authors and readers on the planet. It’s time for our next special Q&A.


– What is your last book Surfing the Seconds about?
Surfing the Seconds is collection of poetry about mortality, parenting, love, heartbreak, and forgiveness.
– How did you decide to write the story?
– I had a sizable collection of poems on Goodreads after several years of writing, and I decided to put them all within a single book for readers to enjoy.
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Andrea R. Cooper is driving her literature car taking fantasy and romance turns. Her last novel Son of Dragons was published on April and was very well received (av. 4,8 stars in Amazon from 9 reviews). Our next guest has a very busy schedule, including raising three kids, but she finds time to write. Let’s hear from Andrea more about her novels.


– What is your last book Son of Dragons about?
Son of Dragons is about a Prince torn between love and duty – and a secret not even he knows. Mirhana, is an Elvin warrior, and has vowed never to love another human … until she meets Prince Landon.
This novel is a fantasy/ paranormal romance. It is book two in my Legends of Oblivion series.
– How did you decide to write the story?
– When I finished book one, The Garnet Dagger, in this series, the story demanded more books. I didn’t plan on that. I thought it would be one book.
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Maude by Donna Mabry was one of the most interesting entries in Top 20 Amazon Bestselling list for the last 10 days. The self-publishing novel was sitting next to well known names as Stephen King and John Grisham. Something more, the non-fiction story gathers far better feedback (av. 4,6 stars from 370 plus Amazon reviews) than the stars of modern literature’s latest production.
Do you want to know more about Donna Mabry? Join us for the next interview!


Maude is one of the best non-fiction books of the year. Would you tell us what kind of story the readers will find inside?
– In Maude, readers will find the story of a woman who knew great love and great tragedy. Orphaned at eight years old, her married sister took her into her home and raised her to the age of fourteen, when she married for the first time. Life to Maude meant being obedient, and that did not change until she was much older and decided to take fate into her own hands. She had five children and had to bury four of them, yet she clung to her faith and went about her life as best she could.
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Grace Brannigan is a veteran in the writers’ world. She was published traditionally more than a decade ago, but now is enjoying an adventure called self-publishing. Our next guest is a specialist in romance stories. We will take a look at her literary heritage during the following interview.


– What is your book Find Me about?
Find me is Pandimora’s story. She lives in the faerie realm Aisywel, but it turns out she’s a bit of a rebel, has little interest in the rich faerie history, and loves to eavesdrop on private conversations. Against the advice of Aisywel’s high elders, she hops portals into the earth dimension.
All in all her independent ways aren’t going over so well, but when she discovers a secret, what she knows about herself and her beloved Aisywel will be sorely tested. When she is kicked out of her homeland, she is forced to confront a terrible crime by one of her own, a crime that involves the family she never knew she had.
Pandimora must decide how far she will go to bring the truth to light, even if it means she will be forever exiled from the place she calls home.
Private Investigator Drew Maddox is a former cop, and deals only in the hard facts of life. When a woman claiming to be fae falls in front of his truck one snowy night, his world is knocked sideways. Pursuing the mysterious Pandimora puts his human life at risk. He follows her to a hidden world he never knew existed, one he could get lost inside if he makes a wrong move.
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Dear friends,

Merry Christmas! It’s time for the best moments of the year with our families. I wish you best of health, luck and many happy moments.

Just found this very nice theme picture. Full credits to The book table blog


A month ago Vince Guaglione published his latest big work The Narratives: Anthology (Volume 5). It’s a special peace of writing art based on essay form. If you are curious to learn more, don’t waste any time – read the following lines.

– What is your last book The Narratives: Anthology (Volume 5) about?
The Narratives: Anthology is a compilation of all four previously published Narratives works, plus some new material, that were crafted over the course of two years, following the death of my significant other. It traces my personal journey through the five stages of loss, my healing process, and the beginning of a new phase in my life. Each short essay style narrative touches on a particular personal or societal topic, but when taken as a whole, I recognize these entries as emotional stepping stones in the transformation of my life.
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Gabriel Boutros is a practicing criminal lawyer who started to write few years ago. Sounds familiar? Yeah, there are many attorneys turned to become very successful novelists.
Our next guest released his third book Face/Mask few days ago. We will learn exclusively from the author about the story in the following interview.


– Gabriel, what is your fresh release Face/Mask about?
– While Face/Mask fits into the genre of dystopian fiction, it is not science fiction. It takes place only 25 years from now, so the world is still very recognizable. It’s the story of a man who lives, unhappily, in a world that is slowly decaying around him. There is constant war, the environment is toxic, and the government is corrupt and has no respect for civil rights. His search for a break from the monotony and meaninglessness of his life leads him into heavy gambling, cheating on his wife, and even informing on a relative to the military police, which puts his whole family onto a dangerous path.
The title refers to masks that people must wear to protect themselves from the poisonous air, as well as figurative masks they wear to hide their true natures.
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Claudia Connor’s debut novel Worth The Fall gained huge positive criticism by readers. The book was released in September and received a well deserved praise. Currently, the first part of The McKinney Brothers series is averaging 4.7 stars rating in Amazon (430+ reviews) and 4.3 stars at Goodreads (780 reviews). Apart from the writing Claudia is a professional children educator. For me, as a father of 2-year-old daughter, it was very interesting to hear some useful advices about communicating with kids.


– Claudia, your last book Worth the Fall is very highly rated in Amazon and Goodreads. Would you tell the future readers what they may find inside?
– Sure. Worth The Fall is a love story, plain and simple, though love is never simple. Abby and Matt are two people with no other reason to be together and lots of reasons to be apart. Matt’s a Navy SEAL hero with skills, badassness and an intense sense of responsibility, but he’s also a man with so much love to give. He’s just never found anyone he wanted to give it to. Until Abby. But Abby’s been left all her life and knows she can’t watch another person walk away.
So it’s about falling in love, making choices and taking chances. It’s also about believing you’re enough, believing you’re worthy of what’s being offered. I absolutely LOVE these characters. I spent three years with them before I ever considered writing their story, then almost three more years writing it. Any minute of any day I can pop into their lives, be a fly on the wall. It’s like watching your favorite movie that never ends! Hopefully when people read the book they’ll feel the same.
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