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The month of August saw a new hot debut emerging as a total dominating force at Kindle Amazon rankings. The Good Neighbor by A. J. Banner gathered a rare maximum of 80 points score and was unanimous winner of our chart. The Girl on the Train returned in the Top 3. Few other titles also made their comeback in the chart which is a guaranty for their quality.
Land of Books took some time for the Summer vacation, but as always we are presenting to you the best books for the hottest month of the year.

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Top 10

The February chart of the most wanted books in Amazon was very exciting. The battle for the top places was decided in the very last week of the month. Just three points separated the first three books. Once again the dominance of Kindle First Choice selection proved that Amazon’s marketing machine is working very strong.
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Maude by Donna Mabry was one of the most interesting entries in Top 20 Amazon Bestselling list for the last 10 days. The self-publishing novel was sitting next to well known names as Stephen King and John Grisham. Something more, the non-fiction story gathers far better feedback (av. 4,6 stars from 370 plus Amazon reviews) than the stars of modern literature’s latest production.
Do you want to know more about Donna Mabry? Join us for the next interview!


Maude is one of the best non-fiction books of the year. Would you tell us what kind of story the readers will find inside?
– In Maude, readers will find the story of a woman who knew great love and great tragedy. Orphaned at eight years old, her married sister took her into her home and raised her to the age of fourteen, when she married for the first time. Life to Maude meant being obedient, and that did not change until she was much older and decided to take fate into her own hands. She had five children and had to bury four of them, yet she clung to her faith and went about her life as best she could.
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Claudia Connor’s debut novel Worth The Fall gained huge positive criticism by readers. The book was released in September and received a well deserved praise. Currently, the first part of The McKinney Brothers series is averaging 4.7 stars rating in Amazon (430+ reviews) and 4.3 stars at Goodreads (780 reviews). Apart from the writing Claudia is a professional children educator. For me, as a father of 2-year-old daughter, it was very interesting to hear some useful advices about communicating with kids.


– Claudia, your last book Worth the Fall is very highly rated in Amazon and Goodreads. Would you tell the future readers what they may find inside?
– Sure. Worth The Fall is a love story, plain and simple, though love is never simple. Abby and Matt are two people with no other reason to be together and lots of reasons to be apart. Matt’s a Navy SEAL hero with skills, badassness and an intense sense of responsibility, but he’s also a man with so much love to give. He’s just never found anyone he wanted to give it to. Until Abby. But Abby’s been left all her life and knows she can’t watch another person walk away.
So it’s about falling in love, making choices and taking chances. It’s also about believing you’re enough, believing you’re worthy of what’s being offered. I absolutely LOVE these characters. I spent three years with them before I ever considered writing their story, then almost three more years writing it. Any minute of any day I can pop into their lives, be a fly on the wall. It’s like watching your favorite movie that never ends! Hopefully when people read the book they’ll feel the same.
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I never liked titles of my articles or interviews with many words. An exception is a must for our next guest – New York Times bestselling author Hazel Gaynor. She wrote the amazing story of Maggie, one of Titanic survivors. The Girl Who Came Home became one of the best books for 2014. The novel was republished by HarperCollins in April and received great positive feedback (4.4 out of 5 stars from almost 1800 Amazon reviews).

One other thing that I rarely do in the introduction section is to comment something about the following interview. Hazel Gaynor earned my respect with the way she speaks about her books and the entire process of research. I recommend you to check her great blog Carry on Writing. Inside you may find a lot of shared personal experience.

To conclude we also have great news about lady Gaynor’s next novel A Memory of Violets. Are you curious to know more? Well, it’s time for our next interview, which became one of my favorite in the blog.


– Your second book A Memory of Violets is another history novel, which will be released on February 3 2015. What the readers may expect?
A MEMORY OF VIOLETS is set around the lives of flower sellers in London at the turn of the century. Although fiction, it is based on facts surrounding a man called John Groom and a charity he established to help the flower sellers who lived and worked on the streets around his home. The novel tells the story of Tilly Harper, a young woman who finds the diary of an orphaned flower seller who was separated from her sister in Victorian England, and her journey to learn the fate of the long lost sisters. I hope that readers will be immersed in the evocative streets of Victorian London, and that they will also enjoy getting to know my cast of characters as Tilly unravels the mystery of the diary and the lost sister. While the novel is an emotional read, it is ultimately full of hope and redemption.
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Alan Russel’s next book Guardians of The Night will be officially released on January 1 2015. The novel is available for download as e-book. The story headed Amazon bestselling list few days ago and still is staying as #1. We’ve got a great chance to speak about the book with the author himself. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for our next guest – Mr. Alan Russell.


– Alan, your next book Guardians of The Night will be officially released in January, but the novel is already #1 ин Amazon’s bestselling books. Did you expected such result?
– I’ve never written a book with the idea of, “I’m writing a bestseller.” Every book I write I want to be compelling. I also never want to write the same book twice. Some authors only have one book in them, and they keep rewriting that same book over and over. If I make a reader think, and I make a reader feel for my protagonist, then I think I have succeeded in writing the book.
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Andy Weir is a role model for every self-publishing author on the planet. His novel The Martian was published on paper by Crown in February 2014. The book have already been a huge hit.
Few days ago Andy received another acknowledgement by the readers. He won Goodreads Choice Awards in sci-fi genre for 2014. Our next guest is a very kind and modest person and you will be convinced by yourself with the following interview.

– Andy, your debut novel The Martian became a huge hit. You described the book with the following sentence:” It’s the story of an astronaut trying to survive after being accidentally left behind on Mars.” But what is the difference between The Martian and all other space or astronaut novels?
– I tried to be scientifically accurate in The Martian. All the technology you see in the book actually exists, and the conditions of Mars are accurately represented. There are a few errors and deliberate concessions to drama, but the majority of the book is real science.
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USA Today Best Selling author Marc Cameron is the creator of Jericho Quinn series. Our next guest is a formal US Marshal. He is very interesting character, who used his life experience to put so much reality in his four published novels. The first one of Jericho Quinn series National Security was released in 2011, but this week the book once again was part of Kindle Amazon Top 20.


– Marc, your novel National Security climbed to Top 20 of Kindle Amazon Best Selling list. Would you give a hint what the readers will find inside?
– Thanks for the opportunity to talk a little about NATIONAL SECURITY, the book that introduces Jericho Quinn. This book meets Quinn for the first time while he’s serving in Iraq as an agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations or OSI. Through the course of the book, he’s drafted into a special unit that reports directly to the US president’s chief advisor on national security matters. The plot itself revolves around weaponized Ebola and the pursuit of suicide terrorists infected with the virus.
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Richard Farr’s The Fire Seekers is the first part of Babel Trilogy. The official release of the book was yesterday, November 1. The novel finished 6th place at our Monthly Top 10 Amazon Bestsellers list for October. The pre-sales were very strong and we wish to our next featured guest to produce many more hits.


The Fire Seekers is one of the hottest titles in Amazon. What the readers will find inside?
– It’s billed as a “young adult thriller,” but one reader said it’s more like “Dan Brown meets Umberto Eco.” A teen hero must try to understand the relationship between a set of strange disappearances and an ancient warning found in the ruins of the Tower of Babel.
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Top 10

Bestseller is a book or other product that sells in very large numbers

This is the Oxford dictionary’s definition for one of the most used words in publishing business.

I’ve got an idea to present the ranks of the most popular novels in Amazon, via their kindle classification. Every first day of the month a resume of Top 10 books for the previous one will be posted on my blog.
As you know the Amazon’s system of ranking is kept in secret just like Coca-Cola’s formula. I will try to solve the secret, so will take a Top 10 from each week during the month and to make a classification from these 4 weeks.

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