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USA Today Best Selling author Marc Cameron is the creator of Jericho Quinn series. Our next guest is a formal US Marshal. He is very interesting character, who used his life experience to put so much reality in his four published novels. The first one of Jericho Quinn series National Security was released in 2011, but this week the book once again was part of Kindle Amazon Top 20.


– Marc, your novel National Security climbed to Top 20 of Kindle Amazon Best Selling list. Would you give a hint what the readers will find inside?
– Thanks for the opportunity to talk a little about NATIONAL SECURITY, the book that introduces Jericho Quinn. This book meets Quinn for the first time while he’s serving in Iraq as an agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations or OSI. Through the course of the book, he’s drafted into a special unit that reports directly to the US president’s chief advisor on national security matters. The plot itself revolves around weaponized Ebola and the pursuit of suicide terrorists infected with the virus.
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