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T.K. Chapin’s first Book of The Chronicles of Kilix debuted two months ago. The third part Solex is scheduled for release on January 12. Our next guest is developing a special rating system for the book’s content, something like motion picture rating system that doesn’t allow kids to watch adult, abusive or ultra-violent movies. We’ve got a chance to hear more about such a great idea. Are you ready for our next interview?


– What are your The Chronicle of Kilix series about?
The Chronicles of Kilix (Kilix is pronounced Key-lex) is the story of a sixteen-year-old boy that sets out to figure out a way to help his sick mother but ends up setting into motion a chain of events that not only changes the lives of everyone he knows but the entire world.
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Royal Certificates

The White Prisoner: Galabin Boevski’s Secret Story was selected as the Indie Book of the Day for December 19. It was a pure coincidence that on the same date was born the main character of the novel. Thanks to the guys from

Check here the official announcement


I never liked titles of my articles or interviews with many words. An exception is a must for our next guest – New York Times bestselling author Hazel Gaynor. She wrote the amazing story of Maggie, one of Titanic survivors. The Girl Who Came Home became one of the best books for 2014. The novel was republished by HarperCollins in April and received great positive feedback (4.4 out of 5 stars from almost 1800 Amazon reviews).

One other thing that I rarely do in the introduction section is to comment something about the following interview. Hazel Gaynor earned my respect with the way she speaks about her books and the entire process of research. I recommend you to check her great blog Carry on Writing. Inside you may find a lot of shared personal experience.

To conclude we also have great news about lady Gaynor’s next novel A Memory of Violets. Are you curious to know more? Well, it’s time for our next interview, which became one of my favorite in the blog.


– Your second book A Memory of Violets is another history novel, which will be released on February 3 2015. What the readers may expect?
A MEMORY OF VIOLETS is set around the lives of flower sellers in London at the turn of the century. Although fiction, it is based on facts surrounding a man called John Groom and a charity he established to help the flower sellers who lived and worked on the streets around his home. The novel tells the story of Tilly Harper, a young woman who finds the diary of an orphaned flower seller who was separated from her sister in Victorian England, and her journey to learn the fate of the long lost sisters. I hope that readers will be immersed in the evocative streets of Victorian London, and that they will also enjoy getting to know my cast of characters as Tilly unravels the mystery of the diary and the lost sister. While the novel is an emotional read, it is ultimately full of hope and redemption.
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Beneath Him by Komal Kant is the current #1 romance bestseller in Amazon. The book is featured in Top 20 of the most popular novels. The author of the new hit is just 24-year-old but already wrote some amazing stories. We’ve got a great chance to speak with the rising literary star Komal Kant in our next interview.


– What is your book Beneath Him about?
Beneath Him is the story of Sky Hudson who is hired as the new nanny for Madeline, the niece of the wealthy Ruggarson family. She clashes with arrogant Nick Ruggarson and tries to deny the feelings she begins to have for him.
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S.S. Lange made her debut in the writing world with Charlotte Hayes series. The first book Long Lost scored a nice impact among the readers. It’s a very rare case when a debuting novel receives full 5 stars average valuation in Amazon. Blood is Thicker is the second part of the series, while the third one Almost Found was released few days ago. Are you ready for our next interview with another promising indie author?

– What is your book Blood is Thicker about?
Blood is Thicker is the second novel in The Charlotte Hayes Series and picks up a few months after the first one leaves off. Charlotte, the protagonist, is working for her local police department while waiting to hear if the FBI has accepted her to the Special Agent program. She’s also plotting how she can derail her sister’s wedding to a man she is not a fan of while trying to avoid a revenge attack.
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The second part of Karma series Jinxed was published on November 10 by the master of dark fantasy Donna Augustine. The novel followed the success of the opening book Karma. Our next guest is another pro writer, who shared some of her time to pass by our blog.


– What is your latest book Jinxed (Karma series, book two) about?
Jinxed continues the story that Karma (Book One) set the stage for. Camilla (Karma) is just starting to get the hang of how things in the Universe work when she’s thrown another curve ball. Someone has been stalking her for centuries and forces her to help him stop certain things that were supposed to happen. He does this by threatening those around her. It’s both a psychically, and emotionally, demanding time in her life. You get more character depth in this installment and it really clarifies some of the relationships.
– How did you decide to write the story?
– I’m not sure how much of a decision it really was. Most of the things I write, started off as a little scene that grows and starts demanding attention.
– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– Probably my obsessive need for each new book to be better than the last.
– Tell us something more about your main character? Is she close to someone from your real life?
– She is tough, tenacious and very sarcastic. She’s not modeled after any one individual but I would say she borrows traits from different people I’ve encountered over the years.
– How much time did you need to finish the story and to publish it?
– This series has been brewing in my brain since before I finished Shattered, so about a year? I’ve got a horrible sense of time so it’s hard for me to pin down dates of when an idea started to form.
– Give us some insight about your very popular The Alchemy Series?
– The idea stemmed from the theory of multiverses and what would happen if beings from one universe could travel to ours. It grew from there. Once I imagined this really hot guy running a casino, and controlling the passage back and forth, the story sort of just took off on its own.
– What the readers would find in Obsidian Souls, part I of Souls series?
– A very rough first book!
– Who are you?
– I’m a very normal but quirky woman with an over-active imagination who is constantly struggling with the bargains that have to be made in life. I love science, psychology, sociology and learning new things. I very rarely hear a question that I don’t research the answer to.
– What are your writing habits?
– For the most part, I write every single day. Occasionally, I will sometimes take off on a holiday or an occasional Sunday but I always feel guilty afterwards.
– Are you satisfied by the sales of the book?
– I am pretty pleased. I was #1 on the dark fantasy list for quite some time. But, I’m always striving for better, a better book, better sales, a better me.
– What are you doing to promote your book by the best possible way?
– I might be one of the worst marketers around. I’m surprised I sell any books. I do very little marketing and I’m pretty downright horrible at it but I’m trying to learn.
– When we will see your next novel?
– Fated is currently scheduled for late February and will pick up where Jinxed left off.
– Do you have some other job outside writing?
– I’m fortunate enough to be able to write full-time.
– If you may ask yourself one question in the interview what it will be? (Don’t forget to answer)
– What do you think the most important thing is in order to succeed? Passion. If you aren’t passionate about something in life, then you’ll never be satisfied, successful or happy doing it.

Learn more about Donna at her Web page

Take a look at her books:
Karma (Karma series book 1)
Jinxed (Karma series book 2)
The Keepers Box Set (Alchemy Series) Books 1-4


Gary Haynes is a practicing lawyer who published his first novel State of Honour last year. The book won very fast a nice number supporters among political thrillers fans. We’ve got a chance to discus the story with the writer in our next interview.


– What is your book State of Honour about?
– The book is a political action thriller. The protagonist, Tom Dupree, is a special agent in the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security and head of the Secretary of State’s – Linda Carlyle – protective detail. On Tom’s watch, she is kidnapped in an explosive attack in Islamabad, Pakistan, and he has three days to find her. Her abductors have made unrealistic demands of Washington and threatened to kill her if those demands are not met within the timeframe.
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The second book of bestselling author Andy Weir will be released in 2016. After the huge success of The Martian his next Zhek is very strongly discussed around the society of sci-fi readers.


At the end of the next year the movie, based on The Martian, will premiered on the big screen with Ridley Scott as director and Matt Damon as Mark Watney. The expectations will be huge for the next book of Andy Weir.

“I do have a deadline for the first draft of Zhek, and that’s August 1st, 2015,” told the author exclusively for our blog . “I suspect it will be out (on the market) in early to mid 2016.”

The big question is what kind of story Andy Weir is preparing right now.

“Zhek is actually an epic, and I mean that in the literary sense. It’s a very large and detailed story that will probably take several entire books to tell. It’s by far the most complex and detailed story I’ve ever come up with,” confessed the writer in the blog of his web page two and a half years ago.

Parts of Zhek was published in Andy’s site as a series of chapters, the same way as The Martian was introduced.

To learn more about the upcoming sci-fi author, check out our interview with him!


Dawn Marie Hamilton is master of tales. Her last novel Just in Time for a Highland Christmas was published few weeks ago. The feedback is very good (av. 4,7 stars from 6 reviews). Our guest is giving very nice insight on the book in the next interview. Enjoy!


– What is your latest book Just in Time for a Highland Christmas about?
Just in Time for a Highland Christmas is part of the Highland Gardens Scottish time travel series where scheming faeries and a mischievous clan brownie cause havoc in the lives of mortals. The Queen of the Fae has challenged a banished faerie to craft three nearly impossible matches. In Just in Time for a Highland Christmas, the clan brownie convinces the faerie that Archibald and Isobell are the third and final match. When they learn they were mistaken, it is left to the clan brownie to bring the destined couple together. But Archibald are Isobell are from opposing, feuding clans.
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Conceiving Evil is the last book of Jenna Fox. She already made a lot of fans with her books. Adding to that our guest is an avid reader and reviewer.
Now we’ve got a chance to present the next feature author in the following interview.


– What is your latest book Conceiving Evil about?
– It is about a woman who has hit rock bottom financially after the death of her mother. She is saved by a very powerful man who makes all of her problems disappear as long as she gives him power over her body. The man is not who he seems.
Conceiving Evil isn’t a traditional, feel good romance. It’s very dark with a touch of horror.
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