Dawn Marie Hamilton is master of tales. Her last novel Just in Time for a Highland Christmas was published few weeks ago. The feedback is very good (av. 4,7 stars from 6 reviews). Our guest is giving very nice insight on the book in the next interview. Enjoy!


– What is your latest book Just in Time for a Highland Christmas about?
Just in Time for a Highland Christmas is part of the Highland Gardens Scottish time travel series where scheming faeries and a mischievous clan brownie cause havoc in the lives of mortals. The Queen of the Fae has challenged a banished faerie to craft three nearly impossible matches. In Just in Time for a Highland Christmas, the clan brownie convinces the faerie that Archibald and Isobell are the third and final match. When they learn they were mistaken, it is left to the clan brownie to bring the destined couple together. But Archibald are Isobell are from opposing, feuding clans.

– How did you decide to write the story?
– Archibald and Isobell were secondary characters in the first two books, Just Beyond the Garden Gate and Just Once in a Verra Blue Moon. While working on the third book, the idea for a novella teased the edges of my mind. I started to work on both stories. With Christmas close at hand, I put aside the novel and finished the novella.
– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– Since the story wasn’t in my writing plan for this year and contained a Christmas theme, I was under a time crunch to get it written, edited, and formatted to release with amble time prior to Christmas. I’m so glad I made the effort. I really enjoyed writing the story, and the book seems to be well received.
– Tell us something more about your main character? Is it close to someone from your real life?
Just in Time for a Highland Christmas is told from three points of view—Archibald, Isobell, and Munn. Archibald is the twin brother of the hero from the first book in the series. He is proud and honorable, but easy to anger. Isobell was betrothed at birth to Archibald’s eldest brother with hopes the marriage would end the feud between their two clans. When the brother died too young, she became betrothed to Archibald’s twin who then wedded another. Isobell becomes betrothed to Archibald and although she once fancied herself in love with him, she believes lies cast against him and stubbornly refuses his suit. She is proud and stubborn yet sweet and sensitive. Munn is Archibald’s bumbling wee man. The clan brownie. His intentions are good, but his approach misguided. None of the characters are knowingly based on real people. They are formed as a result of life experience.
– How much time did you need to finish the story and to publish it?
– Four months from concept to release.
– Give us some insight for Sea Panther, book I of Crimson Storm series?
Sea Panther was a fun book to write. The hero, Robert, believes he’s been cursed by a voodoo priestess. He’s an honorable man and torn by two monsters within him—a vampire and a Florida panther shifter. He sails the Atlantic for three hundred years searching for a cure. When he takes Kimberly on as crew, his world is turned upside down. One taste of her blood changes everything for him. She’s running from a hit man and finds safe harbor with Robert until she learns his secret.
– What are your writing habits?
– Although a slow writer, I set daily goals and record the progress. I mostly write from nine to five during the work week. Occasionally, the muse kicks in on the weekends, and I sneak off to my office to make notes and such. I prefer quiet while writing so don’t listen to music and become distracted if the neighborhood is noisy. My stories often flow out of order. Sometimes chapter ten is written before chapter five.
– Are you satisfied by the sales of the book?
Just in Time for a Highland Christmas has stayed on Amazon’s hot new releases lists since the novel released. Within the top 20 for time-travel romance and the top 30 for Scottish historical romance. And, is sparking sales for the previous novels in the series.
– What are you doing to promote your book by the best possible way?
– Discoverability is often an issue for indie-authors. It helps to be connected to a large network of authors both traditionally published and indie-published. Organizations such as Romance Writers of America and its various member chapters are crucial to an author finding and connecting with like-minded writers. Recently, I found a fun way to promote through Facebook parties. With several authors of a similar genre getting together to throw an on-line party, authors have an opportunity to interact with their readers and attending readers learn about new authors of their favorite genre. Blog hops are another way authors can find new readership by banding together with other authors. I also advertise on several review sites specializing in my genre, though the results are more difficult to analyze. I also attend author signing events. For me, these events are more about face-time with readers than sales.
– When will we see your next novel?
– Just Wait for Me – A Highland Gardens Novel (Book 3) is scheduled for release Spring 2015.
– Why did you decide to set your fantasy world in Scotland?
– Hamilton is not only my pen name but also my birth name. I’ve always been fascinated by all things Scottish. I traveled more than a bit during a corporate career. While on a business trip to Brussels, I saw a whisky billboard with a tartan clad Highlander and the seed for a Highland romance was planted. In my mind, Scotland is a misty land full of magic. And yes, I believe in magic. Parts of my tales are set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I get the same sense of magic when visiting there.
– Are you working something else out of writing?
– No. I write full-time.
– Do you believe in Loch Ness Monster and what is your opinion for its existence and the story behind it?
– Absolutely. Isn’t the last living dragon abiding in a cave under the loch?
– If you may ask yourself one question in the interview what it will be? (Don’t forget to answer)
– What is your favorite quote?
– “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” ~Michelangelo

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