It’s time to end the year with our very last interview for 2014. Our guest of honor will be the one and only Liane Moriarty. The New York Times Best-selling Author published a total of 6 adult and 3 children novels. Her last one Big Little Lies is currently on the second spot of the most wanted Amazon books on the planet. For five months since the publishing date the novel gathered 4200 reviews with average rating of 4,6.
The success of the book grabbed the attention of Hollywood. Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon will be the stars of the TV series, based on the novel.
Thanks a lot to Lady Liane for the time she shared around holidays. I wish her best of health to her and her family. Happy welcoming of the New Year to all of you who enjoyed the blog. Don’t forget to check out our first post for 2015: Top 10 of Amazon bestselling books for December 2014.


– Lady Liane, your last book Big Little Lies became a big hit. How would you describe the novel to all readers who still didn’t take a look on it?
– It’s a story about three mothers of children starting school and a series of events that lead up to a murder at a school trivia night.

– How did you decide to write the story?
– I came up with the premise after touring with another author (the lovely Ber Carroll) who was spending every spare moment searching for the perfect necklace to wear to a school trivia night. She and her friends were all planning to dress up as Audrey Hepburn. For some reason the image of those mothers with their Audrey Hepburn hairstyles and outfits stayed with me long after the tour. I thought imagine if all the mothers were dressed as Audrey Hepburn and the fathers dressed as Elvis Presley? Then I thought, imagine if there was some sort of argument between all those Elvises and Audreys? Then I thought, why not a riot? After that I was hooked.
– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– Meeting my deadline.
– Tell us something more about your main characters? Are they 100% fiction or are close to persons from your real life?
– I do admit to stealing little bits and pieces from people I know but never an entire personality!
– How much time you need to finish the story and to publish it?
– It seems to take at least a year.
The Husband’s Secret is your most distinguished book. Did you expect such a great recognition and praise for it?
– I certainly did not. It was felt like someone was playing on an elaborate practical joke on me. It still does.
– Who are you?
– Er, this is awkward. I am Liane Moriarty. I’m an Australian author. You’re interviewing me. For your blog.
– What are the writing habits of Liane Moriarty?
– I have two small children so I write whenever I have child-free time, normally for about three hours at a time. I always turn off the Internet because it is a terrible distraction.
– Do you have plans for your next novel?
– Not yet.
– You are well established author, who worked for a lot of years in advertising and marketing sector. What kind of advise would you give to all other writers to promote by the best possible way their books?
– I leave all the promotional side of things to my publishers but most publishers do expect you to have a website and some kind of social media presence, although I will admit that I don’t really enjoy social media.
– Three Wishes is your first novel. Did you often remember the times you wrote it and all the emotions surrounding the publisher search, editing, release and first feedback?
– I do. It was a wonderful, thrilling time.
– Your children books are inspired by your sister Nicola. How important is for kids to listen and read tales or stories in their young age?
– Literacy is obviously very important, but not all children enjoy reading, they just want to be outside playing, and to be honest I don’t think that’s the end of the world. There are also sorts of things to enjoy in this world: music, mountains, art, family – some people are just not readers, in the same way that I am not especially musical.
– Two of your sisters are also published authors. You all grew in a big family (6 kids). Do you think that such a funny environment is one of the reasons for the family writing muse?

– Yes, it may well have contributed. I feel lucky to have had a childhood which involved all of us telling stories.
– Ask yourself a question (And don’t forget to answer:)
– Is this the last question? Yes.

Learn more about Liane Moriarty at her Web page
Facebook page

Take a look at her books:

Three Wishes (2004)
The Last Anniversary (2006)
What Alice Forgot (2010)
The Hypnotist’s Love Story (2011)
The Husband’s Secret (2013)
Big Little Lies (2014)

The Petrifying Problem with Princess Petronella (2009)

The Shocking Trouble on the Planet of Shobble (2009)
The Wicked War on the Planet of Whimsy (2010)

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