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Wayne Stinnett developed very well his Jesse McDermitt series. Six weeks ago, Fallen King, Book 5 of the adventures around Caribbean, was released. Once again the story finds a lot of fans and currently has great feedback from readers with average 4.8 Amazon stars from 70 reviews. We’ve got a great pleasure to host the next interview with Mr. Stinnett, who went very deep into the origins of his amazing character Jesse McDermitt.


– What the readers will find in Book 5 of Jesse McDermitt Series Fallen King?
– Thanks, for inviting me to be interviewed, Ognian. Fallen King is actually the sixth book in the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series, but the fifth novel. The first book, Fallen Out is more of a long novella. In Fallen King, Jesse is doing his best to live a simple life on his secluded island in the Florida Keys, reunited with his teen daughter, who he hasn’t seen since she was a baby. He fishes, dives for lobster and grows fruits and vegetables. But an adversary from his past wants to find him again. Locating one man among the 1700 islands that comprise the Florida Keys proves difficult. So the bad guys attempt to lure him into the open, by doing the one thing that will certainly get his attention. Using explosives on the fragile coral reefs that dot the back country of Florida Bay. Readers familiar with the Florida Keys will immediately recognize the tranquil setting, miles of crystal clear water, and the easy-going, laid back attitude of island life. Those unfamiliar, will be checking airline prices to Key West. But, fly into Miami and rent a car, the drive through the 113 mile chain of islands and 42 bridges, is very relaxing. The Keys don’t end in Key West, though. That’s just where the road ends, in the 170 mile long archipelago. You’re gonna need to rent a boat to see it all. A boat or helicopter is the only way to get to Jesse’s remote island in the Content Keys. That’s content, as in relaxed and satisfied.
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