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Trista Borgwardt’s The Tempie Rosenthal Series are fresh wind in the supernatural genre. She already published two parts of her cool story Rabbit’s Feet and Polarity. Our next guest is writing poetry and short stories. Let’s welcome lady Trista Borgwardt.


– Trista, would you introduce your book Rabbit’s feet?
– It is the first book in my supernatural/horror series. It is about a normal high school girl who is living the dream in Hawaii. Her life takes a devastating turn for the worst when her mother is killed. She begins to feel paranoid and flees to South Dakota in hopes that the unseen evil that is stalking her does not follow. Once there, she finds herself on a roller coaster of emotions. She develops an infatuation with a handsome man, feels the guilt of that infatuation as she yearns for her long-time boyfriend. She develops new friendships and experiences the sting of betrayal. Her biggest challenge is when she is finally confronted by the evil monster stalking her. Her whole world is twisted upside down as she discovers that supernatural beings do exist.
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