The biggest hit in the book stores and in the cinemas American Sniper could never been born if one part of the team behind the memoir, Scott McEwen, had not been on board. The well known author of The SEAL team books is ready to release another heroic story. The Sniper and the Wolf is set for premiere in May.
The interview with Scott McEwen was done during the days when the movie is hunting down $200 mil. box office and the book is on the first place on Amazon bestseller list. Check out my article about adaptation. During our chat the writer unveiled how the book was planed and how he felt when learn the news about Chris Kyle’s death.
– Mr. McEwen, your next release The Sniper and the Wolf is coming up in May. Would you share what to expect from the next chapter of A Sniper Elite Novel?
– The next book teams Gil Shannon up with some international operators in Europe to battle some very bad terrorist elements there. The first engagement with the bad guys takes place in Paris-figure that!
– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– The biggest challenge is to remain true to the characters and the tactics they use. The SEAL Teams live by a code and it is important to remain within that code at all times.

– Tell us something more about your main character Gil Shannon? I read that he was constructed from real life SEAL solders, but what is the fiction percentage of his creation?
– Gil Shannon is definitely a soldier made from several real guys (SEAL Team operators) that I have known. I would say the reality of the world and the Ops we place him in is roughly 70% real.
– Do you have some problems with Department of defense for unveiling some of the missions or scenes in your book that happened in the battle fields?
– No. Unlike when one tells an actual biographical or autobiographical account, fiction (changing operators, dates, names and locations) does not requires submission to the DOD.
Eyes on Target is your last published book. What the readers will find inside?
Eyes on Target is a non-fiction book based on the lives of several SEAL operators telling stories of how and why they became SEALs.
– How you’ve got engaged in American sniper project?
– I met Chris Kyle through another Navy SEAL and we became friends. I convinced Chris to do the book.
Would you describe the routine work between you, Chris Kyle and other co-author Jim DeFelice during the preparation process of the book?
– I hired DeFelice to help do some finish work on the book after Chris and I had started it.
– If you were engaged to do the script of the movie, what would you change?
– I would really change nothing. Jason Hall and Clint Eastwood did a great job.
– I am sure you and Chris Kyle were good friends. The next question is kind of personal, but please would you describe the moment when you heard about his dead and what were your initial feelings?
– I was sitting at my desk in the afternoon of his being shot. Another SEAL friend of mine called me and told me it had happened. I was shocked and devastated.
– You are doing a lot of charity. My personal opinion from watching so many veteran movies is that the society didn’t give everything for those former solders, as the warriors took a risk and staked their life during wars to fight for democracy. Why the major part of people didn’t understand the sacrifice of the solders?
– I think people would rather go on with their lives than focus on those that keep us safe. It is unfortunate, but I think American Sniper has focused us on the fact we must give back to those that keep us safe.
– Who are you?
– I am just a country boy (love to hunt and fish) that became a lawyer and now a writer. I like to think that my upbringing in the country keeps me closer to people that read my books.
– What are your writing habits?
– I like to focus on the book and work on only that subject while preparing the manuscript. If it involves interviews, I like to conduct the tape recorded interviews before starting on the remainder.
– When we will see your next novel after The Sniper and The Wolf?
– I am working on some biographical pieces (non-fiction) that I am unable to disclose publicly now, but they should be very good!
– Would you give your Top 3 advices to writers of non-fiction and historical fiction?
– The world is built on great stories about interesting characters that matter. I suggest that one focus on the people you are writing about (the characters) and the stories unfold from there.
– If you may ask yourself one question in the interview what it will be? (Don’t forget to answer)
– Why do I find the people I write about “heroes”? I think that the people I write about should be considered heroes, and books and movies should be done about them, because I see a focus in society on heroes such as Superman and Batman. Real people should be the heroes, not comic book characters in my opinion.

Learn more about Scott McEwen at his Web page
Facebook page

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