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The big news from June’s rankings is that The Girl on the Train finally was beaten by some other book. E. L. James’s trilogy was reborn once again with very smart way of keeping the fans of her books turning page after page. As always we’ve got some very nice Kindle First Choice novels, which are standing close to the top.

10. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (6th last month)


Anthony Doerr’s story is keeping the interest of the readers. All the Light We Cannot See was in our chart for the month of May and is still standing solid. If you are interested to learn more about the author or the book, check out our 13 Facts article.

9. Finders Keepers by Stephen King (New entry) 31 points


The last novel by Mr. King was published on June 2 and it was logical to stand strong in bestselling lists. However, the results from Amazon are showing that this time the readers weren’t so trill to download the kindle edition. Probably the main reason is the price of almost $17 for the ebook, while the hardcover is sold $17. Check out our 13 facts about Finders Keepers.

8. The Martian (Returning) 33 points

Andy Weir’s masterpiece is returning to our chart. The book is expecting to be a big movie hit, which will be released later this year. The release date is set for October 2. Check out our interview with Andy about The Martian or take a look what is coming next from him.

7. Darkness Brutal (The Dark Cycle Book 1) by Rachel A. Marks (New entry) 43 (KF*)


The official premiere of Darkness Brutal was set for July 1, but the novel was part of Kindle First program and earned very nice download rate and feedback rating. The story averaged 4.4 Amazon stars and is one to watch, because it’s first part of a series. Check out our interview with Rachel A. Marks.

6. Pines by Blake Crouch (6th last month) 53 points


Pines is another example how TV series or full motion picture may boost up the book sales. The novel is first part of The Wayward series. All the three books are in the Kindle Amazon Top 100, because of the TV series that started in May and are currently running. Check out 13 facts article about Blake Crouch and his books.

5. The Perfect Son by Barbara Claypole White (New entry) 64 points (KF*)

The Perfect Son

The Perfect Son gathered 500 plus Amazon with average rating of 4.6 Amazon stars. It’s a pretty strong result for the author, who wrote her third book. If you want to know more about the book or the writer, check out our interview with Barbara Claypole White.

4. Bum Rap by Paul Levine (New entry) 70 points (KF*)


The third selection of Kindle First program Bum Rap collected nice amount of points. Paul Levine’s next legal mystery received 430 plus Amazon reviews with average 4.3 stars. “Really Good”, “Great read” and “Murder Mystery mixed with Generous Doses of Humor,” are few of the comments about Bum Rap.

3. The Girl on the Train: A Novel by Paula Hawkins (1st last month) 71 points

Book Review-The Girl on the Train

After four consecutive months on the top of our rankings The Girl on the Train was dropped to third place. It was pretty close once again, but Paula Hawkins gave a chance to some other authors to strike the top of Kindle Amazon list. Check out our 13 Facts article about one of the most popular books for 2015.

2. A Dark Lure by Loreth Anne White (New entry) 74 points (KF*)


The champion of Kindle First group was very close to hit the top of our monthly rankings, but finished on second place. A Dark Lure was loved by the readers. The novel averaged 4.6 Amazon stars from 770 reviews and probably will stay for some more weeks in the lists. Check out our interview with Loreth Anne White.

1. Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Cristian by E L James (New entry) 77 points


Vintage published found a very smart way to use once again the name of Fifty Shades of Grey. Now the story is told by Cristian, and, without surprise, the fans of the trilogy loved it. So far the feedback is extremely high compared to the original trilogy with 4.3 Amazon stars from 3000 plus reviews. Check out our Book to movie adaptation article about E. L. James and her books.

*KINDLE FIRST (KF): This is Amazon program for selection of four books each month. They are picked up by editors. The books are on sale with reduced kindle price of $1.99 and free for all Amazon prime members. The offer is available only for USA.
Those books received a boost up in the first days of each month, because of the promotion and often are staying in the first places for almost the entire month.

If you are interested how the classification was formed check out here
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