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Sean Penn is returning to the big screen after two years pause. The 2-time Academy award winner will play the main character in the film The Gunman. The script is adaptation of late French author Jean-Patrick Manchette’s book The Prone Gunman (La Position du Tireur Couché”).


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If you are fan of Twilight who is dreaming to become rich and famous, there is well beaten path ahead of you. 46-year-old British Erika Mitchell, mother of two sons, decided to combine her erotic fantasies with the heroes of the well known vampire fantasy.


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The name of Alan Turing was mostly linked with the so called Turing machine, the predecessor of the computer. He was one of the best British mathematicians and cryptanalysts. His talent was in great use during World War II. According to historians the work done by the team around him helped The Allies to defeat Germany. Something more, the war was shortened by several years, because of the successful decoding of Enigma.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing

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If the main character of your book has more friends and fans than enemies, you must be aware of what you are writing. Jane Wilde Hawking experienced the hard way. She wrote a memoir about her life with well known cosmologist Stephen Hawking, called Music to Move the Stars: A Life with Stephen. The book was published in 1999. Soon the critics and fans of the scientist ripped apart the author. Poor Jane was described as selfish for pointing to the world how despotic the handicapped Stephen Hawking, who is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, was.
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It’s a very rare case when a book and a movie are in head to head battle which one will win more awards. The non-fiction biography Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand was published late in 2010. The author of Seabiscuit found by coincidence the incredible source of her inspiration and created a masterpiece.
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The biggest hit in the book stores and in the cinemas American Sniper could never been born if one part of the team behind the memoir, Scott McEwen, had not been on board. The well known author of The SEAL team books is ready to release another heroic story. The Sniper and the Wolf is set for premiere in May.
The interview with Scott McEwen was done during the days when the movie is hunting down $200 mil. box office and the book is on the first place on Amazon bestseller list. Check out my article about adaptation. During our chat the writer unveiled how the book was planed and how he felt when learn the news about Chris Kyle’s death.
– Mr. McEwen, your next release The Sniper and the Wolf is coming up in May. Would you share what to expect from the next chapter of A Sniper Elite Novel?
– The next book teams Gil Shannon up with some international operators in Europe to battle some very bad terrorist elements there. The first engagement with the bad guys takes place in Paris-figure that!
– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– The biggest challenge is to remain true to the characters and the tactics they use. The SEAL Teams live by a code and it is important to remain within that code at all times.
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The name of Chris Kyle is one of the most popular in the USA. Two years ago the legendary sniper was killed in very strange circumstances by his fellow army veteran Eddie Ray Routh.

The Texas solder was known as The Devil of Ramadi. He participated in Iraqi War and according to the official stats his rifle killed 255 victims.

In 2012, three years after his honorary dismissal from the army, Chris Kyle published an autobiography American Sniper. Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice were the shadow writers of the memoir, which became huge hit.
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I am starting a new section in the blog. It’s about the translation of amazing book story to a movie. The title of the series will be Book Adaptations.

The very first example is a fresh one – Gone Girl. The Gillian Flynn’s incredible novel was published in June 2012. The feedback of the story was huge. Thousands of readers praised the suspense story. Millions of copies were sold, while family members discussed the fate of Nick and Amy in their evening gatherings.

The novel was published in June 2012

The novel was published in June 2012

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The second book of bestselling author Andy Weir will be released in 2016. After the huge success of The Martian his next Zhek is very strongly discussed around the society of sci-fi readers.


At the end of the next year the movie, based on The Martian, will premiered on the big screen with Ridley Scott as director and Matt Damon as Mark Watney. The expectations will be huge for the next book of Andy Weir.

“I do have a deadline for the first draft of Zhek, and that’s August 1st, 2015,” told the author exclusively for our blog . “I suspect it will be out (on the market) in early to mid 2016.”

The big question is what kind of story Andy Weir is preparing right now.

“Zhek is actually an epic, and I mean that in the literary sense. It’s a very large and detailed story that will probably take several entire books to tell. It’s by far the most complex and detailed story I’ve ever come up with,” confessed the writer in the blog of his web page two and a half years ago.

Parts of Zhek was published in Andy’s site as a series of chapters, the same way as The Martian was introduced.

To learn more about the upcoming sci-fi author, check out our interview with him!


Patricia L. Steffy published her first book My Letter to Fear: Essays on Life, Love and the Search for Prince Charming. She is another debuting author, who has experience as a screenwriter. Currently Patricia is developing a web movie series that may become a huge hit one day. You may find more info, a trailer and many interesting answers in the interview below! Enjoy our next guest 🙂


– What is your last book My Letter to Fear: Essays on Life, Love and the Search for Prince Charming about?
– “My Letter to Fear: Essays on Life, Love and the Search for Prince Charming” is a collection of essays on a wide variety of topics, including aging, abuse, life expectations, addiction, relationships, body image and beauty myths. Much like life, some of the pieces are funny, some of them are sad and some of them are ridiculous. Hopefully, all of them are relatable in some way to readers.


– How you decide to write the story?
– I was going through a period of real change in my life. I had just quit my job of nearly 17 years, and I was really taking stock of my life. That included looking at the differences between the expectations I had for my life when I was a teenager versus what my adult reality turned out to be. Those ponderings became the first set of essays that I wrote. Then I began interviewing women — friends, friends of friends (and so on) about the issues they were facing (career, romance, relationships generally, aging, etc). Those interviews and my own perspective on them drove the writing process.
– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– I wanted every piece, whether it was a funny one about anal bleaching or a serious one about someone’s breakdown, to be emotionally honest. That meant getting to a place mentally each day that would allow me to express what I needed to without the usual filters we put on ourselves. That was difficult for me.
– Tell us something more about your main character? Is it close to someone from your real life?
– Each of the stories is about a specific experience one of the interviewee’s (or I) had. In that respect, there is a different character in each piece, even though every story is reflected through me. Every story is true, although some of the names have been changed.
– How much time you need to finish the story and to publish it?
– That’s a little complicated to work out. I wrote the first 20 or so pieces over the course of a couple of months, and then it was workshopped during a charity benefit for the East Los Angeles Women’s Center. The work got great feedback from the actors and the audience, and that spurred me on to really consider turning it into something real, but that didn’t happen right away. I was a bit entangled in other commitments, but once I was free of those, I sat down and wrote another 35 or 40 pieces in a very short time—less than two months, I think. So, from start to publishing, it probably took two years, but the actual time spent writing it was less than four months.
– What about yours previous works?
– This is my first book. I’ve been writing a blog called “Dating in LA and Other Urban Myths” since 2006, and I’m a screenwriter. In fact, we’ve just shot a pilot for a web series that is based on the early writings of the blog. It stars Lesley Fera (Pretty Little Liars), Jen Lilley (Days of Our Lives), Kristoffer Polaha (Life Unexpected) and Tamara Taylor (Bones). We’re pursuing funding right now to film the entire first season. You can see a trailer for it here:
– Who are you?
– How long do you have? Kidding! I’m a writer, producer and wanderer. I attended Kenyon College and American University, and I’m a refuge from the corporate world. On any given day you’ll find me writing about traveling in California, the trouble with relationships in Los Angeles and fictional business intrigue—and I love it all!
– What are your writing habits?
– I try to write every day, although I don’t always have the freedom to write creatively each day, and I’m trying to change that. I’m best in a quiet, dark room because I’m easily distracted. I like listening to classical/instrumental music or rain sounds as I write because I find that those pieces can get me focused and in a particular mood that is conducive to writing.
– Are you satisfied by the sales of the book and do you plan another one?
– I’m glad people are finding the book, but I will always want more people to read it. I find that once someone has read it, the conversations that flow from their reactions are fascinating. I like being the cause of that spark of debate, and I hope that the book finds a wider audience in order to keep those conversations growing.
– What are you doing to promote by the best possible way your book?
– I’m reaching out to bloggers in hopes that they will want to read the book, and share it with their readers, and sending it out for reviews to media. But the biggest thing we are doing to promote the book is actually coming up on September 20th in Los Angeles. We are doing a showcase reading of excerpts of the book. I’m so blessed because an incredible group of actresses has agreed to do the readings, and more are joining the show every day. Right now Nikki DeLoach (Awkward.), Lesley Fera (Pretty Little Liars), Jen Lilley (Days of Our Lives) and Julie McNiven (Supernatural) are set to join the fun, and we’ll be announcing additional cast members soon. Tickets are free, so if you know anyone who is interested and in Los Angeles, they can go here to get all the information and reserve seats:
– You worked in a law company. What was the most pleasant and the most awful parts of your work?
– I made great friends at the firm, and it provided a stability that I needed. The most difficult thing about working for a law firm—hmmm I probably shouldn’t say.
– Why you decide to escape from the corporate world?
– I needed to feel connected to the work I was doing. When you work crazy long hours, and you don’t feel connected to the work, and you don’t feel valued, life isn’t going to be very enjoyable. I decided that if I was going to work all day and night, I wanted it to be on something that had meaning to me.
– What are the key points to be successful movie producer?
– Organization! It is the single most useful skill I have. Also, if you have the ability to see the potential in a project, even if it is not quite on the page yet, you can help develop a good idea into a great one. I think the ability to network and bring in funding is also critical, but I’m still learning those skills.

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