I am starting a new section in the blog. It’s about the translation of amazing book story to a movie. The title of the series will be Book Adaptations.

The very first example is a fresh one – Gone Girl. The Gillian Flynn’s incredible novel was published in June 2012. The feedback of the story was huge. Thousands of readers praised the suspense story. Millions of copies were sold, while family members discussed the fate of Nick and Amy in their evening gatherings.

The novel was published in June 2012

The novel was published in June 2012

The literary phenomenon brought the attention of actress Reese Witherspoon, who combined with the industry giant 20th Century Fox to turn the book into a movie. The interest was accompanied with $1.5-million purse for the rights. A well deserved payment to Lady Flynn. She was assigned to redesign her novel into a movie script. The author needed to cut 2/3 of her pages to fit into the new format. It was a new challenge for the 43-year Kansas City writer, who never had done something like that before.

Gyllian Flynn cut 2/3 of the book to fit into the movie script

Gyllian Flynn cut 2/3 of the book to fit into the movie script

The final result was awesome. Rosamund Pike made breath-taking leading female role. Ben Affleck showed once again his class. All the show was perfectly orchestrated by famous director David Fincher.

How many nightmares produced Amy's look, played perfectly by Rosamund Pike?

How many nightmares produced Amy’s look, played perfectly by Rosamund Pike?

The viewers were happy (8.3 rating at IMDB). So were the producers. The budget of the movie was $61 million. As of today the worldwide box office is $362 millions – almost six times more than the investment. Pretty nice shot.

While the book didn’t won some major literary awards, the movie already took few. Currently Gone Girl is nominated for 4 Golden Globe awards (Best director, Best Actress-Drama, Best Screenplay and Best Score). The ceremony is set for January 11. Four days later there will be announced the nominees for Academy Awards and be sure Gone Girl will be featured with several ones.

Check out here how Gone Girl is still holding high positions in Top 10 Amazon monthly ratings two and half years after the release thanks to the movie.

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