CD Reiss’s fame as one of the best new wave romance authors continues to rise. Another prove of her magical pen is her latest book Forbidden. The novel was released on November 30 and already received amazing feedback. The title is standing solidly with 4.9 Amazon stars from 160 plus reviews.
The USA Today bestselling author is honoring Land of Books for the second time. If you miss the previous interview check it out here. It’s a great pleasure to welcome back CD Reiss.


– Christine, what the readers will find in your new book Forbidden?
– The book is about what happens to a person when their life is defined by limitless pleasure. It’s a rough read. It’s not for the faint of heart. Because Fiona has no idea how to deal with pain she feels everything acutely and reacts accordingly. So she has a lot of growing up to do and in the beginning she’s tough to love.


– What was the origin of the story?
– Fiona is Jonathan’s most wild sister. I came up with her when I was imagining his seven sisters and their personalities. She’s also inspired by the many celebrities we have here in Hollywood who don’t have a particular talent.
– Did you have some serious challenges during the write up process?
– Well, I had to just forget about anyone liking Fiona for the first third of the book. The other challenges were just getting in the head of someone who was finding her limits and boundaries as an adult rather than as a child.
– How your main character Fiona is different from your other female protagonists?
– She’s out of her mind. She has no ambition except the pursuit of her own pleasure and pain. She is not self-regulated. Both Theresa and Monica…and especially Laine, are very self-regulated. This was a huge challenge for me.
– Tell us about your novella Breathe that was released in September?
Breathe was a little scene I was writing for my fans that exploded into a novella. When I finished I thought it would be a great place for people to start with Monica and Jonathan if they were daunted by the nine books of the Submission Series. I’d love for more people to discover Monica and Jonathan, but I understand those nine books can make people tired just looking at them.
– What happened in your personal and professional life since our previous interview 9 months ago?
– Not much, really  Just working like a dog.
– What are your next projects?
Kinky Sexy Dirty is coming up in late March. It’s a little lighter, a little more fun than most of the other things that I’ve done. Like a palette cleanser. Then I have a Margie book coming up in late 2016. There will be a few other things in between, but I’m not quite sure what they are yet.

To learn more about CD Reiss check out her Website

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