USA Today bestselling author CD Reiss recently published the full pack of her erotic series Submission. All eight books, up to now, are available on promotional price on Amazon. All the novels are very highly evaluated by the readers of this very special genre. We’ve got a chance to take a look behind the curtain of the famous erotic writer in our next Land of Books interview.


– Christine, your complete Submission series are now published as a pack. Did you expect such a big success of your erotic creation?
– I didn’t. I used to write mysteries and I did the erotic romance as kind of an experiment, just for fun. Then I fell in love with the characters and readers did as well. It was a very strange experience, but I had to adjust quickly!


– How did you decide to write the series?
– I had been writing mysteries with a very light romance. I wanted to focus on the romance, but I couldn’t, because it broke genre conventions and readers hate that. So I just figured, I’d get the love stories out of my system and go back to writing mystery. It never happened.
– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– Keeping it fresh while staying inside the genre. Also, writing Monica’s songs is really hard for me. It can take me two days to write a song where I can write thousands of words of prose in the same amount of time.
– How do you select your main characters? Are they close to someone from your real life?
– Nope. I make ‘em up whole cloth.
– What the readers will find in your Corruption series?
Corruption is much more violent and dramatic. It is very much like an Italian opera. Every emotion is turned way way up, where Submission is more understated.
– Your next two books are expected to be Coda (part 9 of Submission series) and Rule, part 3 of Corruption Series. When the novels will be released and please give is some clue about the stories?
– Coda is set for March 18. It’s the continuation of Jonathan and Monica’s story. I can’t say too much about Rule, except that it will be as high-octane as the first two books. The emotions will be intense, and the stakes will be very high. We’re going deep into the mafia/camorra and there is no turning back. My fans are using the hashtags #livetogether #dietogether
– Who are you?
– I’m a mother and wife, and quite boring in real life 
– What are your writing habits?
– I don’t write every day, but I try not to go more than a week without. I tend to stew on things a long time then spit it out in a burst, without an outline.
– What are you doing to promote your book by the best possible way?
– I have great relationships with bloggers and fans. If I tell them what I’m doing, they usually pick up the ball and run with it, giving me ideas about how to get the word out.
– You moved to LA to chase Hollywood dream. How much you had learned from those days that later helped in your writing?
– I cannot even tell you how helpful it can be to learn screenwriting structure. Novelists tend to worry about the sentences, and screenwriters tend to worry about the story.
Readers care about the story, not the sentences. It seems like the novel writing establishment hasn’t caught up with that. As a screenwriter we spend ZERO time worrying about adverbs and passive voice and all the time making sure we know what our characters want and giving them a hard tome getting it.
– Would you rate your Top 3 plot tools that may keep the reader to turn page after page in erotic romance novel?
– Each character must go into a sex scene wanting something besides sex. If they go in wanting just sex, and they get it, it’s boring.
Laughter. Sex is fun. If your characters aren’t having fun, your reader isn’t either.
Something needs to happen in a sex scene besides sex. This sounds similar to point 1, and it kind of is, because it’s linked to what the characters want. If one character wants to go in and NOT fall in love, but the other character blurts out “I love you,” the dynamics change, and that’s what keeps people from skimming through the sex.

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