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The intro words in April’s Amazon bestselling chart will be dedicated once again to The Girl on the Train. For the first time since the start of our ranks a novel stays on the top for third month in a row. We’ve got also the new books by David Baldacci and Nora Roberts, who are ready to challenge Paula Hawkins in May.

10. Memory Man by David Baldacci (New entry) 28 points


The new book of David Baldacci was released on April 21. It stormed strongly to the highest places at Kindle bestselling list. The reception was very nice with average 4.6 Amazon stars from 420 plus reviews. To find out more about the book check out our special 13 Facts article about David Baldacci and Memory Man.

9. This Thing Called Love by Miranda Liasson (New entry) 33 points (KF*)


This Thing Called Love
stayed solid during April. The novel by Miranda Liasson was well appreciated by the readers with average 3.9 Amazon stars from 280 reviews. It was great honor for Land of Books to host interview with the romance author.

8. The Liar by Nora Roberts (New entry) 36


Nora Roberts means sales in the language of books. The Liar was released on April 14. As expected the novel went straight to the top of Bestselling lists. With just two weeks counted for the month of April the new hit of the famous author find its place in our chart. Take a look at our special article about the book and the writer.

7. The Altar Girl: A Prequel by Orest Stelmach (New entry) 43 (KF*)


One more book of the Kindle First group managed to gather enough points for our Top 10. The Altar Girl is officially released today. Averaging 4.0 Amazon stars from 370 reviews The Altar Girl is very successful creation by Orest Stelmach. Check out here our interview with the author.

5. The One That Got Away by Simon Wood (New entry) 46


Simon Wood was our guest in February, when The One That Got Away was part of Kindle First program. It’s a rare occurrence when a book from KF was able to come back to the chart. But Simon did it and not only that, but his novel is continuing to receive great feedback. Now the book is averaging 4.2 Amazon stars from almost 3k reviews. Check out here our interview with Simon Wood.

5. Boundary Crossed (Boundary Magic Book 1) by Melissa F. Olson (New entry) 46 (KF*)


We’ve got a split fifth place in our chart. Melissa F. Olson’s vampire adventure was loved by the readers, who gave average 4.5 Amazon stars from 630 plus reviews. The success of the first part of series will be a nice part for the second one – Boundary Lines which will be on the market in the middle of November.

4. The Stranger by Harlan Coben (New entry) 53 points


The Stranger’s release has been waited by the fans since the start of the year and they finally reached it on March 24. The new suspense story of Harlan Coben once again was put on the front shelves on the bookstores. Check out our 13 Facts article about the novel and the famous author.

3. No Ordinary Billionaire by J. S. Scott (New entry) 57 points


No Ordinary Billionaire was released on March 31 and soon fixed the attention of romance fans. J.S. Scott release improved its place in Kindle Amazon chart each week to finally end up in Top 3.

2. Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badani (New entry) 64 points (KF*)


The strongest finisher from Kindle first program’s books made it. The book from debuting author exploded with average 4.5 Amazon stars from 530 plus reviews. Trail of Broken Wings is a typical contemporary fiction with cute story. Check out our interview with Sejal Badani.

1. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (1st previous month) 76


Twelve points between the first and second placed selections in Land of Books chart is the biggest one that we’ve got since the stars of the chart six months ago. The Girl on the Train collected more than 15k reviews with average 4,1 Amazon stars. Let’s see if Paula Hawkins’s book will on the top next month. Check it out or 13 Facts article about novel and the author.


*KINDLE FIRST (KF): This is Amazon program for selection of four books each month. They are picked up by editors. The books are on sale with reduced kindle price of $1.99 and free for all Amazon prime members. The offer is available only for USA.
Those books received a boost up in the first days of each month, because of the promotion and often are staying in the first places for almost the entire month.
If you are interested how the classification was formed check out here

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