Dreamah Lockwood is pseudonym of two authors, who work together. They are sisters Sunny L. and Pat Ross. It’s a strange combination, which produced great results according to their book ratings in Amazon. Here is the amazing story of Dreamah Lockwood’s novels.

(a red rose is used by the authors as a profile picture in honor of their dead sister)

– What is your last book The Stone Killer about?
– Justice. All our novels deal with justice for the victims of a crime. It is our platform to even out the score between a victim and the injustice of our judicial system. Our killers let the punishment fit the crime.
– How did you decide to write the story?
– I saw a news story about the stoning death of a married woman in a middle eastern country for having an affair. Nothing happened to the man and it pissed me off. There is justice in the end of our novels for victims.

– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– Making sure police procedures were correct. My friend from the Colorado Springs Police Department reviewed everything we wrote to help make sure it was correct. We took some literary license with the procedures, but tried to stay true to the PD’s methods.
– Tell us something about your main character? Is it close to someone from your real life?
– Jonas Black is a combination of men I have known especially and a cowboy I used to know. Jonas Black, our character, was born and raised in Texas, joined the Midland Police Department after college and experienced the worst tragedy he’d known in his young life. His high school sweetheart and fiancĂ©e was murdered. Her case is still unsolved. After her murder, he joined the Marines and served several tours in Afghanistan before leaving the Marines and joining the Colorado Springs Police Department. He is strong and keeps himself closed off from most women fearing that like Kelly, if he gets too close, they too could be murdered. Kelly’s murder is another book in the series.
Morgan Jansen is a combination of our sisters and other friends and part of us. She is artistic, quiet and has been hurt by the few men in her life. She and Jonas make a good pair, each trying to overcome the pain in their lives. They will be feature together in all the novels.
– How much time did you need to finish the story and to publish it?
The Stone Killer, the first book in the Jonas Black series, was started several years ago, but was put on hold for over a year. It took eight to nine months to complete and published the book once I moved back to Colorado Springs. I guess the characters were tired of waiting for their story to be told, so they took over and all I did was type what they told me to say. That was a wonderful experience for me. The words poured out and I would write sometimes 3,000 words or more a day. Exhausting, but great.
– What about your other books A Circle of Murders and Creating Kathryn Crown?
A Circle of Murders came about due to an abduction case in Tampa, Florida. This young girl was kidnapped close to her home and her body was never found, nor was there any trace of her ever discovered. For some reason, that story would not leave me alone. It haunted me for months. Then the idea for A Circle of Murders entered my head. We were compelled to write the story of a child who is abducted, never found, but, by fate, eventually finds her way back to the same town she was take from, and how a murderous plot of revenge brings her home to her family.
The idea for Creating Kathryn Crown originally formed when I was in a bad marriage. During that time, I wanted to be someone else, anyone else other than myself. It is easy for people to say leave the SOB. But sometimes, the woman has been verbally beaten down to the point that she can’t see a way out. It was when I found myself wishing he was dead that I ran out of that relationship. I found I loved myself more than him. Besides, I wouldn’t have looked good in prison orange or stripes. During that miserable time was when my writing really started. I would sit at home and write poem after poem. It is also the time the idea for Kathryn Crown formed. It would be several years, after I moved to Florida and teamed with my sister before the book was created. We wrote it together. Over the years, it was updated and rewritten numerous time before we published it.
– Who are you?
– We are two sisters who love each other and work well together. Below is our bio which is exactly who we are.
Dreamah H. Lockwood is the pseudonym for two sisters, Sunny L. and Pat Ross. They love to read and especially write books with an unusual twist. They are using the name Dreamah H. Lockwood as a memorial to their sister who died in 2012. Most of their time is devoted to writing and family.
Sunny is married to a wonderful man and has children, plus three dogs, and lives in Walton, Kentucky, which she loves. Each summer she grows a garden filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and grapes. She then cans her vegetables and makes jams from her grapes for the winter ahead. Her garden was so successful this year, her freezer is full of green beans. Her apple butter is a favorite with her children. She can go to a restaurant, taste a dish she enjoys, come home and duplicate the receipe as she did with her Shrimp Pasta dish. No one can beat Sunny’s Supreme Carrot Cake recipe.
While Sunny loves to grow her vegetables, Pat prefers to go to the grocery store. She admits to being a bit of a workaholic. Besides her house, writing and oil painting, she has three in-house furry cats and her Chihuahua to keep her busy. But she does feed a stray that someone dropped in the neighborhood.
She does socialize with family and friends, but mostly works on writing paranormal murder crime fiction thrillers or creating an oil painting. Pat lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the shadow of Pike’s Peak and loves every minute of living at the foot of the Rockies.
Both are great animal lovers and believe animal abusers should be treated in the same way that they treat an animal. They believe in justice for all victims and that theme is reflected in their novels. Justice will prevail even if they have to dish it out themselves in their novels.
– What is your writing habits
– I get up in the morning, feed my critters then sit at my computer answering emails, checking Facebook, Twitter, the blog and the web site. Then I review everything I wrote the day before, send it to my sisters to find errors (I made a lot of typos). After catching up on the storyline, I start writing until I’m too tired to think straight or have to walk away for a time. I am also an artist and sometimes have to take a break and work on an oil painting while the story cooks in my brain. The storyline of the novel is always in our minds. We can’t put it to rest until the book is completed.
– Are you satisfied with the sales of the book and do you plan another one?
– Is any self published author satisfied with the sale of their book, I don’t think so unless it would be consistently in the thousands each month. The hardest part of being a self published author is marketing. It takes time away from our writing and money sometimes we don’t have. Marketing is a bitch of a job and a continual learning process. Thanks to people like you for helping us to achieve our goal.
As for another book, a writer can’t stop writing. We are hard at work on the next in the Jonas Black series entitled, The Hangman, and have three other storylines for the series worked out. Jonas Black and Morgan Jansen will be around for a long while, hopefully. Plus we have several partially written novels that need finished and brief story ideas in the computer files for numerous other books. If we think of a plot, we write it down.
– What are you doing to promote your book by the best possible way?
– We write a blog three times a week. Sunny writes funny ones and everyone seems to enjoy her blogs. Me, I’m more serious in some ways and write about writing or editing, painting and how my day is going. We have a website, we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and numerous other sites that our blog posts to. We try to keep everyone up to date on what is happening with our books. As soon as possible, we will be mailing out a massive amount of postcards advertising our latest novel and our other books. The Stone Killer had a lot of people we know waiting for it to be published. Hopefully, they will like the story and write good reviews.
– You’ve got huge positive feedback for your previous books. How did such good words from fans inspire you?
– Every author wants to receive good reviews. We are our own worst critic. So when someone else says something good about what we write, it lets us know we are on the right track in our writing and inspires us to work harder to create an even better story in the next book. Each author is only as good as the next book. Writing, like life and oil painting, is a continual learning process. If we do not improve with each novel, then we are failing our fans. Sister and I work hard on each novel to make it the best we can this time and pray that the next book is even better.
– You’ve got some experience with ghosts, please tell more about it?
– Well, my house in Florida was haunted. One late evening, I was sitting on the sofa watching television. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what I thought was my mother in her long nightgown walk down the hall and go into the kitchen. As my mother was not a well woman, I rose and went to the kitchen to see if I could be of help to her. She wasn’t there. The kitchen was empty and I had come down the same hallway. I hurried back to my mother’s bedroom and found her in bed reading a book. I asked her if she had been in the kitchen. She replied no, she hadn’t been out of bed. I saw this same person several times over the years, until I had the house remodeled. After that, I never saw her again.
Also, since my mother and my oldest sister’s death, I can smell (even here in Colorado) my sister’s cigarettes and my mother’s cologne when I’m ill. Sister was a chain smoker. My mother’s cologne was very distinctive, White Shoulder. It was not one of my favorites. Sorry Mom. Sunny also can smell the cigarettes and cologne. It’s been this way all our lives.
– Your sister was something very special and her name is your author name. How has she affected you as an author?
– Dreamy, as we called her, is reflected in our books. She was very beautiful, with large brown eyes and black hair, and resembled Elizabeth Taylor. She was not perfect. She had her flaws. All our sisters are reflected in our books in some way or another, as are a lot of people we know. Our characters are a composite of numerous people, some family, some friends, some famous, others evil killers. We take this quality in one, this flaw in another, this evil from the headlines to make up our people. To us, they are our creation and we have to deal with them good or bad. Our killers are really bad and our good characters are flawed.
– Every animal has his own story. What may you say about your cats?
– My cats and dog are rescue animals. Stanley, my Ragdoll, was given to me because his owner was pregnant and he was making her sick. Pyewacket, my black cat, was dumped in my neighborhood and I started to feed him, Bandit was another dumped stray that I took in. Titan, my Chihuahua, was found wondering the streets and rescued.
– If you may ask yourself one question in the interview what will it be?
– My question: Knowing how difficult it is to market a book would you still become an author. Answer: Even knowing how difficult it is to market a novel, we would still have to write our stories. A writer has to write just as an artist has to paint. Once the creative process is in a person, they are compelled to create, regardless of the art form, writing, painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, cooking, sewing, designing, everything in life, whether it is an art form or the ability to be an organize, efficient office worker. It is all a part of who we are. We must be creative. We can’t not be.

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