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Dreamah Lockwood is pseudonym of two authors, who work together. They are sisters Sunny L. and Pat Ross. It’s a strange combination, which produced great results according to their book ratings in Amazon. Here is the amazing story of Dreamah Lockwood’s novels.

(a red rose is used by the authors as a profile picture in honor of their dead sister)

– What is your last book The Stone Killer about?
– Justice. All our novels deal with justice for the victims of a crime. It is our platform to even out the score between a victim and the injustice of our judicial system. Our killers let the punishment fit the crime.
– How did you decide to write the story?
– I saw a news story about the stoning death of a married woman in a middle eastern country for having an affair. Nothing happened to the man and it pissed me off. There is justice in the end of our novels for victims.
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