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Charity Angel’s last book Mending Angel’s Wings was released in July. The novel was based on a true story. It was her second book. Let’s make another Q&A adventure with our next feature author.

– What is your last book Mending Angel’s Wings: Based on a True Story about?
– My latest book Mending Angel’s Wings is based on a true story. This book is the first book in a series. Each book in the series will take the reader deeper into the life and experiences of “Angelica”. Angelia is on a journey, much like the one that each and everyone of us is on. She is trying to discover what her destiny is. She is looking for the man that will be her equal in all things. On her journey, she encounters many trials, tests and tribulations. She is given the gift of her inner voice and a spirit guide by the Creator to make through this life. Whether or not she will make it through everything that lies in front of her or not is the question that still needs to be answered.
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