Charity Angel’s last book Mending Angel’s Wings was released in July. The novel was based on a true story. It was her second book. Let’s make another Q&A adventure with our next feature author.

– What is your last book Mending Angel’s Wings: Based on a True Story about?
– My latest book Mending Angel’s Wings is based on a true story. This book is the first book in a series. Each book in the series will take the reader deeper into the life and experiences of “Angelica”. Angelia is on a journey, much like the one that each and everyone of us is on. She is trying to discover what her destiny is. She is looking for the man that will be her equal in all things. On her journey, she encounters many trials, tests and tribulations. She is given the gift of her inner voice and a spirit guide by the Creator to make through this life. Whether or not she will make it through everything that lies in front of her or not is the question that still needs to be answered.

– How you decide to write the story?
– I was encouraged by many people throughout my life to write this story. Whenever I told them about these experiences, they always said, “You should write a book!” I always wanted to be an author, but I wanted to make sure that what I wrote would help other people. So that is the motivation behind everything that I have had published. Helping others become the best that they can be. To reach their full potential in this life.
– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– The biggest challenge to writing this book was being willing to dive into the topic as deeply as I have, and to find the time to write it. I am married and have four children. While they are a bit older now, I spend a lot of my time with them and in my community. Finding the time to write became part of the challenge as well. In fact, if it wasn’t for the encouragement of my husband, I would probably still be on chapter one.
– Tell us something more about your main character? Is it close to someone from your real life?
– The main character is definitely someone who is very close to me. This book series is based on a true story, one that I am very close to. That is why it was difficult to write. I experienced a great deal all over again as I wrote this book, and I suspect that I will continue to have that experience as I complete each additional book in the series.
– How much time you need to finish the story and to publish it?
– One I became dedicated to writing the book and publishing it, I took about 6 months to finish it. I spent more time finding the right illustrator and graphic designer for it on top of that. I had several beta readers go through it before it was published, and they gave some great feedback. In fact, it is because of the response of beta readers that this is a book series. Originally I was going to put it all in one book. However, many beta readers felt that they would enjoy it much more a little bit at a time and that the impact of the final book would hit home more.
– What Lies in Your Jounrey is your first book. Please describe what may we see inside?
– Yes, What Lies in Your Journey? was my first book. I refer to it as a booklet because it was written with those who have little time in mind. Most people can read it in less than 30 minutes. This booklet is about the lies that we believe about ourselves that limit us from reaching our full potential. Usually we are the only ones that are really standing in the way of our own success. And generally speaking, it is usually things that we believe that are not true that we use to stop ourselves. I also talk about some heavier topics in this booklet, but briefly. It is very heavily from a female perspective, but the men who have read it have enjoyed it and learned from it as well.
– Who are you?
– I am many things to many different people. I am a wife and a mother, and those roles are my priority. I am a Christian, and I view life through that perspective of hope. I am an independent vocalist. I love to sing, and I have had some opera training. I am an author obviously, and I am also a volunteer teacher and choir director. I am an eternal student, and I will always be learning more. What I learn, I plan to share with others so that they can grow and develop too.
– What are your writing habits?
– My writing habits are more like spontaneous bursts of creation. Whenever I feel inspired, that is when I will write. I feel that it is better that way. I like to approach writing relaxed and with an open mind and heart. I used to push myself when I wrote as a ghostwriter, but I enjoy what I write now so much more, and I love to just let it flow through me and onto the computer screen.
– Are you satisfied by the sales of the book and do you plan another one?
– I think every author should have goals. I have not yet reached my goal for the amount of sales that I want to make with this book, but I am very pleased with the amount I have sold so far and the response that I have had. I feel honored for the 5 star ratings that many people have left on different sites. I did a promotional giveaway on Goodreads, and I was very happy with the almost 400 people that were interested in winning my book before it was even released.
– What are you doing to promote by the best possible way your book?
– One of the funnest promotions that I have done is 21 days of giveaways. I had a lot of sponsors that were giving away prizes in celebration of the release of my book. I loved being able to give something away to my fans on Facebook everyday for that period of time. In fact, I had so many sponsors want to be involved that I had more prizes than I needed, so I gave away bonus prizes randomly as well.
– You have some tough days as a kid. What exactly happened there and how it helped you to become a better person?
– Well, since you are asking the childhood question, I will have to tell you that I may be writing a book about it. If I do, it would be a prequel to the Mending Angel’s Wings series, because this story is based on my life. It is my own story. I have changed the names of everyone, the setting, and other details because I have forgiven those who have hurt me throughout my life. It is not my intention to negatively impact them, but to teach principles to others who may need to learn them. And to be frank, I felt that if my book helped one person heal and move forward in their life, that it was worth going through my own life and taking the time to write about it. And since I have already been contacted by readers telling me that is the case, I feel that I have already reached the goal that meant the most to me.
– How much time it takes for old wounds to be healed?
– When it comes to healing, it is going to be different for each person. Healing is much like an onion. It happens in layers. We have what we can handle dealing with come to the surface, and we resolve that. Later on, another aspect of that situtation may rise up, and then we heal it too. Eventually, we will be completely healed. Some people are able to do it sooner than others. It depends on the type of pain and the length that it was endured I think. For me, having a relationship with God and a very supportive and loving husband and children has made my healing possible.

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