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Kim Linwood’s second book Bossy was released at the end of September. The novel quickly jumped into Kindle Amazon’s Top 50 and stayed there for a third week in a row. The readers are loving the story and are giving pretty high valuation of average 4.8 Amazon stars from almost 200 reviews.
It’s a real pleasure to welcome the romance author Kim Linwood at Land of Books.


– Kim, what is your book Bossy about?
– It is a steamy romance of the bad boy variety. Claire is a recent college graduate, starting a summer job before grad school at her stepfather-to-be’s law firm. Declan is her stepbrother-to-be, who is set to be her mentor and boss for the summer. They find themselves in a love/hate relationship while forced to work together, and it turns into a little office war that escalates until everything blows up. The tone of the book is both humorous and spicy, and it seems to have gone over well, judging by our reviews.
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