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Brad Taylor is a real deal. A former military commander with huge experience in Special Forces, he became a very successful writer. Our next guest is born in Japan, grew up in Texas and spent most of his life around the most dangerous places on the planet like Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you want to touch the reality of warfare Pike Logan is your man. The famous protagonist of the same name series is ready for his next adventures in the Chapter IX The Forgotten Soldier. The novel was released on December 29 and made a quick entry into NY Times and USA Today bestselling list.

It’s a great pleasure to welcome Brad Taylor at Land of Books.


– Brad, Pike Logan continues his adventures in Book #9 of the series The Forgotten Soldier. What the readers may expect from the new novel?
– The Taskforce was created out of whole cloth, completely made up by me for my novels, but I used my experiences to do so, tapping into what I knew of the world in which I’d lived. The organization is nothing more than a fantasy we used to wish existed whenever we ran into the inertia of the United States bureaucracy, but inside, we realized why such inertia exists, and it’s precisely to prevent any one individual from misusing a dangerous asset. America has had a love/hate relationship with special operations throughout its history, resulting in many units being disbanded or rendered toothless the minute the threat was gone because the cure was believed to be worse than the disease. It is only in modern times that SOF has flourished, but it has come with a price. The crux of repeated covert action in a democracy is that a nation can only go so far before its actions begin to erode the very ideals the unit was designed to protect, which is why we have such robust oversight in United States Code. The Taskforce has no such constraints, and I’ve threaded the potential for its abuse throughout my books. This time, I decided to explore it as a main theme.
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