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Stephen Christiansen is the author of epic fantasy series Orbbelgguren. If you are fans of dark elves, you will enjoy for sure the books. It’s time now for our next interview. Please welcome Mr. Stephen Christiansen.


– Stephen, what is your fantasy series Orbbelgguren about?
The Orbbelgguren series has many plot lines that twist and turn and it’s hard to really pin-point anything without giving away the surprise ending. However, among these various plot lines, we see a set of dark elves that learn more about themselves and each other. They grow, mature and develop relationships. They establish depth of character in a world that hates and fears them. As everything they know changes, as war erupts around them, as the world starts to die, they find that they must adapt and change as well.
Each book seems to introduce a little bit of the real plot line and over time the reader will begin to understand what the series is really about. However, expect the unexpected. I think the reader will be pleasantly surprised.
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