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Joe Hart shined in the literary world with his novel The River is Dark. He did it very well with the book that received almost 500 reviews with average 4.2 Amazon stars. His new title The Last Girl was released on March 1. The novel was part of Kindle First program and jumped to the top of Amazon ranks. The story is the start of Dominion trilogy.

It’s a great pleasure to welcome once again at Land of Books Joe Hart. If you missed our previous interview with him, check it out here.


– Joe, what the readers will find in your new novel The Last Girl?
– They’ll find a world devastated by the precipitous drop in the female birthrate, an organization set on finding a solution to the crisis no matter what the cost, and an indomitable young woman named Zoey who only wants the truth.
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“Riveting novel”, “Masterfully crafted story” and “Mr. Hart did it again”, are just few of the comments for Cruel World, the new book of Joe Hart. The novel was released on December 2 last year. The book already gathered very nice critical acclaim with average 4.6 stars from 52 Amazon reviews. We’ve got a pleasure to speak with Joe Hart about his novels and his next plans.


– Joe, What is your latest book Cruel World about?
Cruel World is a post-apocalyptic horror novel surrounding a character named Quinn Kelly, who was born with a facial disfigurement called fibrous dysplasia. His father happens to be an A-list movie star who couldn’t stand the media and general public criticizing his son based on his appearance, so he left the limelight and hid them both away. Skip forward twenty years and Quinn is ready to leave the only home he’s ever known, but on the eve of his departure a terrible virus sweeps across the nation, killing most, but changing others. The rest of the novel follows him across the country in pursuit of safety in a world filled with chaos and horror.
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