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Catherine Coulter’s FBI mysteries are known as one of the most thrilling stories in the genre. Her last book Nemesis was published earlier in July.
The novel was consumed right away by the fans and currently is standing solidly in Kindle Top 40 ranks with average of 4.5 Amazon stars from 220 plus reviews. “Fabulous read”, “Nail biting thriller”, and “Catherine never let me down,” are some of the readers’ opinions about Nemesis.
Our next guest is NY Times Bestselling author with 75 books behind her. We’ve got a chance to chat with Catherine Coulter for a short Q&A during her writing of the next FBI mystery.


– Catherine, what is your last book Nemesis about?
– Most of my FBI thrillers have two mysteries and NEMESIS is no exception. Special Agent Lacey Sherlock is the nemesis in this 19th FBI thriller. Not only does she bring down a terrorist at JFK Airport, working with the New York Field Office, she stops the mastermind, a hugely bad dude. You’ll appreciate that St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York is saved, as is St. Paul’s in London. Ah, but the high speed train in France — you’ll have to read NEMESIS to see what happens.
In the second mystery, Special Agent Dillon Savich–with the help of Agent Griffin Hammersmith–has his hands full trying to track down a killer who uses others to unwittingly do his bidding. But one of his minions makes a big mistake and points Savich directly to a house of Wiccans in the small town of Plackett, Virginia. Savich knows one of them is the puppet master. But which one? When there are attempts on his life and Hammersmith’s, Savich wonders if he’s killed in a dream, will he really be dead? Scary, scary stuff.
Who is really behind the bombing attacks at JFK and St. Patrick’s? Terrorists, as it seems? Or does it go much deeper? And who is the psycho path puppet master in the small innocent town of Plackett? Dive into Nemesis and prepare for a wild ride.
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