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Sue Grafton became a legend in mystery and thriller genre with her Alphabet series. The 24th novel of Kinsey Millhone’s adventure is carrying the title X and was published in August. Once again the story received splendid feedback and currently is standing with av. 4.3 Amazon stars from 530 plus reviews. It’s a great honor to welcome at Land of Books Lady Sue Grafton.


– Sue, what is your new book X about?
X is set in the late nineteen eighties, during the last California drought. I’m actually telling three stories, the strands of which are woven into the narrative. Kinsey is hired to do a job for an elegant woman, who’s lying about the job itself and pays her in cash with two bills that turn out to be marked. Kinsey pursues the issue to find out what’s really going on. She’s also caught up in the arrival of new neighbors while her landlord, Henry Pitts, struggles to get his water usage down in the midst of shortages. She’s also on the trail of a man who’s suspected of murder though he’s eluded discovery for years.
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