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The Spanish bestselling author Fernando Gamboa is ready to conquer the English language literary market with his book Captain Riley. Our next guest is not a typical writer. He knows how to challenge the fate from the first hand with his wild spirit. Prior to his writing career, Fernando Gamboa worked as a diver, Spanish teacher, entrepreneur, poker player and adventure guide.

Our next guest made his English language debut with Ulysses Vidal series in 2014 and now he continues with another great character – Captain Riley. It’s a great honor to welcome at Land of Books Fernando Gamboa.


– Fernando, tell us about your new book Captain Riley?

Captain Riley is an Adventure (yes, with a capital A). A book that will make you laugh, thrill you, make you fall in love, or make you feel like you’re standing up on a ship deck facing a storm on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a novel to lose yourself in and let your imagination take you to places you’ve never been before. A great adventure that you won’t want to leave. It was the best selling novel on Amazon Spain in 2015.
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