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Miranda Liasson will make her literary debut with This Thing Called Love on May 1. Her novel already reached the Top 10 of Kindle Amazon bestselling list. The primary feedback by the readers is pleasant with average 4.00 stars from 61 reviews. Let’s now meet with the next cool name in romance genre Lady Miranda Liasson.


– Miranda, your debut book This Thing Called Love will be released on May 1. Would you tell us more about it?
– Sure, Ognian, and thanks for asking me to be on your blog!
This Thing Called Love is a love story first and foremost. Love stories are about the experience of being human, how we come to fall in love and how love often helps us to heal and overcome various heartaches and flaws and become the best versions of ourselves. Romances embrace the bonds of family and friendships and celebrate what is best in life.
My book is about two people thrown back together after ten years because of a tragedy who come to know each other again. Olivia, a workaholic self-help editor from New York City, is called home to her small town to take guardianship of her baby niece and finds she must manage the baby, her career, and also deal with the baby’s sexy but troublesome uncle, her old, unforgettable love.
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