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A Bloody Bloody Mess In The Wild Wild West is a horror western by our good friend Justin Bienvenue. He was our guest last Summer, when Land of Books presented his book Like A Box Of Chocolates. You may check out his first interview here.
It’s really nice to meet once again the young and inspiring author in our next chat.


– Justin, welcome back to Land of Books. Now let’s talk about A Bloody Bloody Mess In The Wild Wild West. What the readers will find inside the book?
– They will find a very unique Western story combined with Horror. A story about one town whose trying to overcome the aftermath of the Civil War and to make matters worse they must try to put a stop to a Mexican Outlaw named Javier “Bones” Jones who is trying to take what’s left of the town for everything it’s worth. The town is lead by a young man named Emerson Shaw who is the son of the late sheriff of the town. He tries to get the town to come together to put a stop to Jones and his army of the undead.
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