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Robert Ellis’s next novel City of Echoes will have an official premiere on September 1. The book is already in the market for pre-sales and thanks to Kindle first program the first reviews already came. “I couldn’t put it down”, “Excellent read” and “Classic LA Noir” are just few of the opinions by readers. The novel received pretty nice rating with 4.1 Amazon stars from 181 reviews.
The American writer became a bestselling author with his novel The Dead Room. In one of the coolest interviews ever at Land of Books our next guest reveals interesting facts about his books and his future plans.


– Robert, what is your next book City of Echoes about?
CITY OF ECHOES is the introduction of a new LAPD homicide detective, Matt Jones, on the first night of his first murder case. A man has been gunned down in a parking lot off Hollywood Boulevard. At a glance, the bullet-riddled body appears to be the work of a serial robber who’s been working the Strip for months. The crime is so grisly, the identity of the victim so outrageous, that Jones and his partner, Denny Cabrera, jump into the investigation faster than they should. Nothing about the direction they’re taking is even close to safe. As Jones uncovers evidence linking the crime to a brutal, ritualized murder that occurred eighteen months ago, he begins to suspect that there’s more going on beneath the surface, and that he and his partner are in too deep to turn back or escape. When Jones discovers how far the corruption goes, a cover-up that defies the imagination, and his own personal ties to the rising body count, he’s no longer sure he can trust anyone, not even himself.
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