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Angelo Marcos’s thriller The Artist was very well received in the UK. The readers gave an average 4.7 stars from 25 Amazon reviews. Our next feature guest is a writer, comedian and actor. He graduated with law and psychology degrees. Sounds respecting! Enjoy our next chat.


– Angelo, what is your book The Artist about?
– It’s a crime thriller set in London, and is about a serial killer who preys on young actresses – filming the last minutes of their lives and then sending the recordings to the media. It’s a perversion of Andy Warhol’s quote about how in the future everybody will be famous for 15 minutes. The killer gives the actresses this fame, but the trade-off is that it’ll be the last 15 minutes of their lives.
At the same time, we meet a young girl named Kaylin who lives in London with her mum, an out of work actress. Her mum’s relentless pursuit of fame has cost her pretty much everything including her marriage, and it is deeply affecting Kaylin, who just wants to be a normal fourteen year old.
Kaylin then finds out that a murderer is killing actresses in London, and the rest of the story is about the consequences this all has for all of the main characters. With a few twists and turns on the way, of course…!
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