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The New York Times bestselling author J.T. Ellison continues to share the amazing adventures of Dr. Samantha Owens. The next book What Lies Behind will be released on May 26. The novels of our next guest are published in over twenty countries. She won many writing awards. It’s a great honor to welcome her at Land of Books.


– J.T., What Lies Behind will be released in May? What the readers will find in the next part of Dr. Samantha Owens’s adventures?
– That’s correct, May 26. This is the fourth Samantha Owens novel, and her first official case as an FBI consultant. What looks like a murder/suicide is quickly revealed to be a case of bioterror, and Samantha and Washington D.C. homicide detective Darren Fletcher must stop an imminent attack on the US. Xander Whitfield, Samatha’s boyfriend, is also involved, providing close protection to a billionaire who might be involved in the attack. It was – is – a very topical novel, as it deals with an enhanced hemorrhagic fever. And, of course, the Ebola crisis exploded just as I was finishing writing the book.
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