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Paul Levine’s new thriller Bum Rap was officially released on July 1. The novel found its place among the Amazon Top 10 ranks few weeks before the premiere and even reached Kindle №1 book. Our next guest is former lawyer, who is well known with his Jake Lassiter and Solomon vs. Lord series. Lets welcome Mr. Paul Levine.


– Paul, what is your next book Bum Rap about?
BUM RAP is a legal thriller bringing together ex-football player turned trial lawyer Jake Lassiter with squabbling law partners (and lovers) Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord. Just as Lassiter is ready to hang up his shingle for good, he gets a frantic call from Victoria. Solomon is charged with killing a South Beach club owner and the only witness who can clear him — a Russian bar-girl — has disappeared. It’s going to be a brutal case, and they need the hardest hitting lawyer in Miami. As Lassiter likes to say: “Law is a contact sport. Buckle your chinstrap.”
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