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Year ago MR Graham released the first part of Liminality series – The Medium. It’s a story about vampires and wizards. Our next guest published a total of five books. All of them are with very high rating in amazon – one of the most sure proofs of quality.


– What is your book The Medium about?

The Medium is a somewhat non-standard paranormal novel. The good guy is not a hero, and the bad guy is not exactly what he seems.
Lenny is a defective vampire. Shy, insecure, and literally unable to kill, he tries very hard to avoid notice until the night he is kidnapped and imprisoned by Sebastian, a psychopath bent on turning him into what a vampire should be. The situation is only made worse by Lenny’s dual nature: he is also a medium, a creature born for the sole purpose of aiding the dead, and Sebastian is definitely a dead thing in need of help. His only hope is Kim, a practical young wizard tasked with hunting Sebastian down, but her ancient and powerful family is not nearly as accepting as she. Trapped by Sebastian’s mind control and by his own pathological need to heal his captor, Lenny quickly realizes just how easy it would be to slide into evil, himself.
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