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Matthew Salesses’s new book The Hundred-Year-Flood was published on September 1 and received mixed reactions from the readers. The novel was described as “A masterfully written novel of self-discovery” and “Beautiful, tragic, but realistic”.
Our next guest was featured with articles in The New York Times. He is a master of essays and also is a speaker. So here is our quick chat with Matthew:


– Matthew, what is your next book The Hundred-Year-Flood about?
– It’s about an American who goes to Prague and there is asked to pose for a series of paintings by a famous artist. He gets into an affair with the artist’s wife, and they get stuck in a hundred-year flood.
– How did you decide to write the story?
– I started the book when I was living in Prague in 2004. I didn’t write the flood into the book until later.
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