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L.A. Wild published her debut novel Chance the Darkness in November. The English author is a specialist at urban fantasy genre. She loves to travel, to drink wine with friends and to write. The second part of her The Dark Series will be published in the next months. Let’s welcome our next guest.


– Lee-Anne, what is debut book Chance the Darkness about?
– My favourite subject! I can drone on for hours about the Dark Series. I love it. I love profiling all the characters; Summer, Black, Dillon, Marinus and many more. I love learning about them, their quirks and behaviours. Even the bad guys are awesome.
The book is urban fantasy with romantic elements. It’s not a standalone book but there are raunchy scenes in places so it’s definitely for the adults.
So, quick summary which in reality I’ve pinched from the synopsis and tweaked, Summer’s twin dies, and her whole life begins to unravel in ways she never could have imagined. A crazy lady ranting in her head, blood-drinking ghouls, a psychotic cult demanding she channels some powerful objects.
Then she meets Black. Tall, handsome, godlike. He harbors sinister secrets and lives by his own set of rules—rules no one can begin to comprehend.
While searching for her sister’s killer in a seedy part of Glasgow, she discovers nothing about her life is what it seems. Family secrets, betrayal. Her emotions run hot, she makes some seriously bad choices. But with the heart of Scotland becoming a paranormal battlefield, Summer has to fight just to stay alive.
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