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Kati Hiekkapelto showed her talent in the last few years. She became a famous writer in her home country of Finland. Her novel The Hummingbird was released on English by Arcadia Books on December 23 2014. As you know Land of Books loves to present foreign language authors, so we are sure you will learn a lot more about Kati after you read the following lines.


– Kati, Give us some insight about The Hummingbird?
– Young girl is found dead from the remote jogging path with an Aztec amulet in her pocket, shot by a shotgun, straight to head. At the same time another young girl, Kurdish, calls 911 because she is afraid that her dad is going to kill her.
Anna Fekete starts a new job as a crime investigator after being several years in uniform. The beginning is not easy for her. The cases, she has investigate, are hard, she has to face racist and misogynist attitudes from her colleagues, especially her partner Esko Niemi is a difficult and nasty person. Anna´s past begins to haunt her. She suffers from severe sleeping problems and panic attacks. When more bodies with amulets in their pockets are found, it seems obvious that there is a serial killer out there.
For me The Hummingbird is a book about racism, immigration and honor related violence. For readers I wanted it to be an exciting crime story with strong characters where you can find, if you want, deeper layers and something more to think about than just “who is the murderer”.
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