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Kathy Shuker’s debut book Deep Water, Thin Ice was published earlier this year. The novel received very high feedback with average 4.5 stars reviews in Amazon. Our next guest is a promising indie author. Let’s hear from her more about the book.

– What is your debut book Deep Water, Thin Ice about?
– It’s about Alex, a thirty-eight year old classical soprano, whose husband, Simon – a well-known conductor, throws himself under an underground train in London. She’s shocked, confused and grief-stricken, unable to work. Remembering an old house in southwest England which her husband had inherited, she escapes there to lick her wounds. Her new home, once a fine manor house, is crumbling from neglect and Alex sets out to restore it. Then Theo turns up at her door, offering to help, saying he’s Simon’s cousin; Alex didn’t know Simon had a cousin. But there’s a lot she doesn’t know: about the family, about the house, and about Theo. Theo is remarkably like Simon and Alex welcomes him into her life. How long will it be before she realises she’s making a fatal mistake?
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