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Kathy DiSanto has four books behind her. The most popular one is Amanda’s Eyes. The novel was published in 2012. The story was accepted nicely by the readers, who gave an average 4.4 stars from 70 Amazon reviews.
We’ve got a chance to speak with Kathy DiSanto about her most popular novel and coming up projects.


– What is Amanda’s Eyes about?
– Crime reporter Amanda “A.J.” Gregson comes to in a hospital with a broken arm, a colorful assortment of abrasions and contusions, and a face swathed in bandages. But she can’t remember what hit her.
The bad and the ugly are A.J.’s business, but learning she had a ringside seat for an explosion that vaporized two federal agents, incinerated an entire block of warehouses, and peppered her eyes with so much shrapnel they had to be surgically removed? Well, that gives the darker side of life a whole new meaning.
When her memory floods back in brutal detail the night before transplant surgery, A.J. remembers the architects of her personal disaster, a lethal band of killers-for-hire known as Ferrymen.

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