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The legendary author of mystery and horror novels J.A. Jance continues to be very productive writer at the age of 71. She is huge example and inspiration for all her younger colleagues. Not only that, she still sets very high standard with her works.

J.A. Jance will release her next novel Clawback on March 8. The book is part of Ali Reynolds series. We’ve got a chance to meet with our honorable guest in the following interview. Let’s welcome at Land of Books J.A. Jance.


– Judith, your next book Clawback is set for release on March 8. Tell us more about it?
– In Clawback, Ali Reynolds’s parents, Bob and Edie Larson are victimized by a Ponzi scheme. When Bob goes to confront his long time friend and investment advisor, Dan Frazier, Bob finds Dan and his wife gravely injured and dying. As the first person on the scene and covered with blood from trying to render first aid, Bob becomes the prime suspect in the murders. It’s up to Ali Reynolds and her husband B. Simpson to set things right.
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