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Brian Yansky’s new book Utopia, Iowa is set to be released in February. We’ve got a chance to take a brief look into the novel. It’s time for our next interview.


– Brian, What is your next book Utopia, Iowa about?
Utopia, Iowa, is a place where the people are strange and there are stranger things than people. It’s fantastical realism (a possibly made up term to indicate that it has both fantasy and realistic elements—I like both). My main character, Jack, sees ghosts—like many people in his family—but is also a somewhat typical teen with girl and family problems and a big dream—he wants to write for the movies. When two girls are murdered and both dead girls come to him for help finding their killer (remember– sees dead people), things get a bit, well, strange. He becomes a suspect in their murders and must solve them to keep from going to prison.
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