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Land of Books published almost 200 interviews with famous and not so famous authors. Probably the most interesting question for our guests is “Who are you”. Some of the writers answer with one sentence. Others are more generous in their description. For the first time I was really touched by the answer of that question in our next interview with S.L. Ross. She is the author of Immortal Island series. Land of Books is the first stop of Making connections blog tour of her book Spellbound.


– Sabrina, What is your book Immortal Island: Spellbound about?
– My book Spellbound is the first book in the series of Immortal Island, and it is about Sarah Daniels a young woman who doesn’t know the secrets to her or her families past. She soon discovers these secrets when she runs into Chase Gavenport, her soul mate for the past few centuries. He is a vampire but she doesn’t know that right away. He brings her into a world that her real family has been trying to protect her from every time she is reborn. Confused and alone she learns to adapt to this new life she is forced into.

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