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The Hurricane Katrina changed many lives. The hell’s opening during August 2005 will be remembered as the most brutal natural disaster ever produced by Atlantic Ocean. Almost 2000 people died. The damages were counted to a monstrous number of $108 billion.
Julie Freed witnessed the nightmare. With her debut memoir Naked she shared the personal level of destruction that was caused by Hurricane Katrina. The readers gave huge appreciation to the book with average 4.9 stars in Amazon from 77 reviews.


– What is your memoir Naked about?
Naked is a true story of parallel tragedies. What happens when a mother loses everything to Hurricane Katrina? What if her husband never returns? Surrounded by the rubble of life – I was stripped bare by love and loss.
Naked is raw and touching – a story of motherhood, choices, marriage, addictions, family love, redemption, and survival. I describe the incredible event that was Hurricane Katrina and is the context of the majority of the memoir. Most people just watched the episodes unfold on the news but my story takes the reader there, on the ground to grapple with all that I saw, felt, smelled, touched, and suffered. Even though I was stripped, left naked on the slab of what was my house holding my one year daughter – I was never alone, and we are never alone! I hope my story gives readers hope that when faced with extreme unthinkable situations there is a well of strength deep within that can quench our thirst and propel us forward.
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