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The adventures of Raine Stockton became one of the most popular animal fiction series. The ninth part Home of the Brave was published in September. We get exclusive chance to learn more from the author herself how challenging is to write such a book.
Our next guest published her first novel in 1982. She has written more than eighty fiction novels using as well the pseudonyms as Rebecca Flanders, Donna Carlisle, Leigh Bristol, Taylor Brady, and Donna Boyd.
Dear friends, let’s welcome lady Donna Ball.

Donna and Glitter

Donna and Glitter

– Donna, what the readers may find in Home of the Brave, book 9 of Raine Stockton Dog series ?
– In HOME OF THE BRAVE, Raine and her young friend Melanie spend the Fourth of July weekend at a camp for dogs and kids, never imagining what a terrifying turn their holiday is about to take. This book explores the fairly intense themes of terrorism and political corruption, and begins a story arc that will require at least two more books to resolve. Readers can expect to stay up late reading this one!
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