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The French author Jacques Vandroux’s book Heart Collector (Au Coeur de Solstice) is in Amazon’s Top 4 bestselling books for the last two weeks. His novel has better rating (av. 41 stars from 70 reviews) than the other three novels in front of him.
The first two releases of our next guest, Les Pierres Couchées and Multiplication, became bestsellers in France.
It’s a great pleasure to say welcome to Mr. Jacques Vandroux in the following interview. I am sure you will enjoy it and will find a new European style quality wave in the genre crime thriller.


– What is your book Heart Collector (Au Coeur de Solstice) about?
– First I want to thank you for your invitation and the opportunity you give me to present my book and the way I wrote it. As you know, I am French (and you will have a perfect confirmation of this point when you read my answers). So, please be indulgent with my English. I try to do my best.
Heart Collector is the story of a several characters, trying to stop a guy who has a very bad habit: killing women and extracting their hearts. Nadia, a police officer, is in charge of the case but has no clue. She is supported by surprising people like a young engineer, a professor of history or a priest. The main characters have to face their past to try to save the last kidnapped woman. The novel is actually a manhunt, balancing between events that happened thirty years ago and now.
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