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Emily Bleeker’s debut book Wreckage jumped to the top of Amazon ranks. The novel is standing on #1 spot for the last few days. The readers loved the plot and are giving very positive feedback (av. 4.6 stars from 128 reviews).
Emily has very nice story about her transition between education and professional writing. She was kind enough to share it during our interview.


– Emily, what the readers will find inside Wreckage?
– A story about survivors of a plane crash in the South Pacific. After living on an island for nearly two years, the castaways are thrust into the spotlight after their rescue. Every morning show and news program is hounding them for interviews. But they can’t tell the truth about what happened while they were on that island, so they lie. Eight months later, exhausted by the constant media attention, Lillian Linden decides to do one last interview with hard-hitting reporter, Genevieve Randall. She pressures fellow survivor, reluctant Dave Hall, to join her so they can hide behind the exclusivity clause in their contract. But what the survivors don’t know is–Genevieve thinks she knows they are hiding something and she’s willing to tear their lives apart to get the truth.
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