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With 25 million sales Tess Gerritsen deserves the title Queen of Thrillers. She uses her own experience as retired physician to polish the details in her novels.

In January she published the latest adventure from famous Fizzoli & Isles series Die Again. The book became an instant hit and currently is standing with average 4.6 Amazon stars from 767 reviews.

We’ve got a great chance to speak with famous author about her books (26 novels and counting), her writing habits and her future plans. Enjoy.


– Your book Die Again became another hit from Rizzoli & Isles series. Your personal opinion, which is the most thrilling point in the novel?
– The most thrilling parts to write were certainly the sections in Africa, and Millie’s fight to stay alive. I loved writing about how she transforms from a rejected girlfriend to a true heroine. I always love stories where the “ordinary” person becomes victorious.
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