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Dianne Gallagher’s first line of her introduction is “Life is Never a Straight Line”. The prove of the sentence is hiding into her debut novel Too Dark To Sleep. The readers loved the thriller. “Great nod to classic noir”, “Excellent read”, “Scary, edge of my seat” are just a few of reviewers’ opinions. With average 4.7 stars in Amazon the novel is one to read.


– How did you decide to write your book Too Dark To Sleep?
– I guess the catalyst was wine and a bunch a friends. After the proper amount of wine was consumed, someone asked the question, “What if you lost everything?” I was completely surprised by the answers. Several people thought it would be very freeing. They could start over with a blank slate. For me, well… I realized if I lost most elements of my life, I would survive and just rebuild my life with a few changes. Even if I lost my husband… who I love and would miss. The thing is… we had time together and, even though it would be tragic and sad and very difficult, I would still be able to continue my life. If I lost my kids. That would be another story. I’m not sure I could go on.
And that’s how Too Dark to Sleep started. That kernel. And a lot of research and rewrites.
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